After 39 years, relationship and home projects are still going strong

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    After 39 years, relationship and home projects are still going strong

    Dented Garage Door Repair

    Alan D. Miller

    Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a new garage-door opener, right?

    I did not do that.

    But I have been known to buy my bride tools, car parts and carpeting for our anniversary. And she still loves me!

    At least twice in nearly 38 years of marriage, we both forgot our anniversary in the same year. (Thank God she forgot, too, or I would have been toast!) One of those years, we had stripped the paint from our lovely hardwood living room floor and needed to let it dry so that we could apply some clearcoat.

    Eager to get away from the smell of chemical stripper in our house, we went for a movie, and remembered on the way out the door that it was our anniversary! Yeah, we planned that movie date.

    A couple of years ago, we spent a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend installing a new floor and toilet at my Dad’s house. (We did have a nice meal and watched a movie by the fireplace later.)

    That brings me to the garage-door opener, which was a birthday gift for Dad. He wanted to use the onboard remote in his relatively new car, rather than the old-fashioned remote “clicker” to open and close the garage door.

    After a half-day of frustration with the old opener, we realized that the electronics on his opener were too old to talk with his modern car. So we got a modern opener that promised to work with just about any remote clicker, onboard or otherwise.

    We spent hours deciphering the instructions to put together and install the new opener motor, track, chain and…


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