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    Garage Motor Not Working

    Do you need an expert’s advice about your garage doors?

    We understand the frustration when your garage door malfunctions, and you can’t do anything about it.

    Today you are in luck because Cleveland Garage Door Pros is here to answer your garage door repair concerns.

    Check out these garage door repairs FAQ:

    Do I need to change my garage door if there are dents?

    It depends.

    Most steel and aluminum garage doors may dent, especially those with thinner materials.

    You don’t need to change your garage door if the dents are small.

    Usually, they do not affect the mechanism of the garage door.

    A simple garage door dent repair can do the job.

    However, if the dents are big enough to affect your garage door’s mechanism, you need to call Cleveland Garage Door Pros for a garage door inspection.

    Once we assess that the dents are beyond repair, you can opt for a panel replacement or a new garage door installation in Cleveland.

    What to do when my garage door is unbalanced?

    Try to lubricate the moving parts.

    If it does not solve the problem, check if there are obstructions along the tracks, snapped cables, or broken springs.

    If there are problems with these parts, don’t attempt to repair them.

    Faulty DIY repairs might cause you harm and costly repairs in the future.

    Call Cleveland Garage Door Pros for a garage door repair in Cleveland.

    Why are there squeaky noises every time I open or close my garage door?

    Unnecessary noises from the garage door can mean unlubricated parts.

    Rollers, hinges, tracks, springs, and bearing plates require lubrication at least every six months.

    Try to lubricate these parts using a silicone-based lubricant.

    If it did not solve the squeaky noises, some garage door parts might be on the verge of failing.

    Connect with our garage door technicians for a comprehensive inspection and garage door repair in Cleveland.

    Can I connect my smartphone to the garage door opener?

    If your garage door opener is MyQ compatible, then yes.

    Check on the opener’s manual on how you can set the garage door opener and connect it with your smartphone.

    What to do if my springs have already worn out?

    Most of the time, springs are the first ones to break in a garage door system.

    If you see signs of spring worn-out, such as damages, rusts, and other deformation, immediately contact Cleveland Garage Door Pros.

    As springs are responsible for lifting the door, it can be dangerous when you attempt to remove and replace them without the necessary knowledge.

    Fortunately, our garage door installation in Cleveland includes safe and accurate spring replacement.

    Is my insulated garage door working?

    If you want to save on energy bills, an insulated garage door is perfect for you.

    However, an insulated garage door will only work if your garage is attached to the house and the whole garage is insulated.

    Also, if you think that your insulated garage door is not working, the R-value of your garage door may not be enough.

    Consult our garage door professionals to know the most appropriate insulated garage door and R-value for your space.

    Do I need a garage door repair right away?

    Signs of garage door issues, such as a loud banging sound and springs failure, require a garage door repair right away.

    As a garage owner, you should have a trusted garage door services provider near you that is available 24/7.

    Luckily, Cleveland Garage Door Pros works around the clock to cater to emergency and urgent garage door repair in Cleveland.

    We have the complete set of tools and equipment to finish the job quickly and without limits.  Don’t hesitate to call our team of certified garage door technicians even in the middle of the night.

    Reliable Garage Door Services in Cleveland

    If you experience one of the garage door repairs FAQ stated above, rely on Cleveland Garage Door Pros!

    For years, we are the leading garage door service company that offers tailored garage door repair and garage door installation in Cleveland.

    Furthermore, we can conduct a comprehensive maintenance check so that your garage door system would be at its peak condition.

    No matter where you are in Cleveland, expect us to arrive at the earliest time possible.

    Don’t forget to ask for a quote if you want to know the estimated cost of a garage door service.

    Book your appointment in Cleveland Garage Door Pros now!

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