Horizontal Opening Garage Doors Pros And Cons

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    There are many different garage door types and styles.

    The most common ones are garage doors that open upwards or vertically.

    However, you can choose a garage door that opens sideways if you wish.

    You shouldn’t install a slide-to-side garage door just because it’s unique and attractive.

    You must scrutinize your options because this type of garage door has advantages and disadvantages.

    Continue reading to know more about horizontal opening garage doors pros and cons.

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    What are Horizontal Opening Garage Doors?

    Horizontal opening garage doors are not your typical roll-up, panel, or sectional garage door that opens upwards.

    Instead, this type of door slides sideways to open.

    The door traverses on a horizontal track which guides its movement.

    Thanks to its multiple-hinged panels, the door can bend and rotate without any problem along the tracks.

    The sliding garage door can either bend to one side of the garage or part in the middle and bend on both sides.

    When open, the garage door lies parallel to the wall and not the ceiling.

    Since the door will not stay overhead, it is ideal in small garages with limited headroom.

    Originally, horizontal opening doors were used in agricultural and commercial settings.

    However, sliding garage doors are now utilized in homes and residential properties.

    Advantages of Horizontal Opening Doors

    Sliding garage doors offer garage owners plenty of advantages.

    Full or Partial Height Opening

    Since horizontal sliding doors open sideways, you can access the full height of your door.

    Your garage opening can go as high as the ceiling because you don’t need overhead clearance for an opener.

    In addition to this, you can also partially open your garage door without needing to duck.

    For instance, you need to get a tool in your garage door.

    You don’t need to open your garage door entirely and simply slide it halfway.

    With this mechanism, you’ll be able to enter your garage conveniently without ducking.

    Wide Selection of Materials

    Since your garage door will not go up, there wouldn’t be weight constraints.

    You will not be limited to lightweight garage door materials.

    You can have steel, wood, timber, and fiberglass for your garage door.

    Energy Efficiency

    We know that you can open sliding garage doors partially.

    This impacts energy efficiency in your home.

    Since you’ll only open the garage door halfway, heat transfer will not be as prominent as in an overhead garage door.

    The warm or cool air in your garage will not escape, thus keeping the indoor air at comfortable levels.

    In turn, this will help you save up on monthly energy bills.

    Quiet Operation

    Horizontal sliding doors operate quietly.

    This is because the motor doesn’t need to lift the door and instead pull the door sideways,

    The garage door motor will not require excessive force to do this.

    In turn, you can have a noiseless garage door operation, which is ideal if your garage is attached to your home.

    Easy Garage Door Panel Replacement

    Horizontal opening garage doors are made of multiple panels.

    When one or a few of these panels get damaged, you won’t need to replace the entire door.

    Rather, you’ll only need a panel replacement service to restore the condition of the door.

    Disadvantages of Horizontal Opening Doors

    One disadvantage of sliding garage doors is they are more expensive to install.

    The garage door design and material can augment the price of installation.

    Thus, you must consult with your garage door technician to tailor your garage door to your budget.

    Another problem with horizontal sliding doors is they can malfunction during inclement weather.

    The garage door can be difficult to maneuver in the winter or rainy season.

    The bottom garage door track could also be damaged and cause problems with garage door performance.

    Horizontal opening garage door pros and cons are important considerations in choosing a garage door.

    To choose the right garage door for your property, you must weigh these things out.

    Call Cleveland Garage Door Pros now so that we can set up your new garage door for the long haul.

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