How to Adjust Garage Door Cable Tension

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    How to Adjust Garage Door Cable Tension

    Watch this excellent video! Garage Door Cable Alignment Do-It-Yourself Garage Door Repair.

    How to Resolve Garage Door Tension video:

    A garage door can malfunction for some reasons, the majority of which are simple to repair.

    However, issues with the garage door tension spring seem to be more severe.

    The proper tension is needed for the garage door to open or close properly.

    If the spring tension is not precisely adjusted, the garage door can raise or lower inconsistently or at the incorrect pace.

    Although automated garage doors have improved a lot in terms of protection, homeowners can always hold little to doubt and check their openers, locks, and garage door parts frequently.

    You can learn how to adjust garage door cable tension on your own.

    However, its cables and springs can be under a lot of rigidity.

    Hence, working with a specialist can be a lot easier.

    When you plan to do it yourself, you should know how to loosen the strain on a garage door spring.

    It can make the job simpler.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to safely adjust garage door cables.

    What Is the Job of a Garage Door Cable?

    You may be curious about what the function of a garage door cable seems to be.

    This part, in reality, is among the most significant garage door safety features.

    When the door is opened or lowered, the cable flows further into torsion springs, simply doing all the legwork.

    Your garage door resistance spring provides the lifting power for the steel door, which can be under extreme tension.

    If you’re incautious, it can harm you.

    However, the garage door cable serves another feature.

    The cable wire protects from spring recoil in the instance of a spring failure.

    That may not appear to be a massive issue, but if the torsion springs fail, it can be devastating, perhaps lethal.

    Most of the tension in the spring will cause massive harm and injury, making it even more important to have the cable there to avoid either from occurring.

    When a correctly cabled spring snaps, it falls to the bottom, so it’s crucial to keep your garage cables in good condition.

    Prepare The Tools

    You’ll need some hardware and protective devices to change the garage door friction.

    • solid ladder
    • adjustable wrench
    • safety glasses
    • two C clamps
    • flat-head screwdriver
    • pliers
    • wire cutters
    • hard hat
    • gloves
    • marker

    Precautions for Safety

    While you’re at it, turn off the power to your garage door opener if you have an automatic one.

    You wouldn’t want any electric mishaps to occur when operating on How to Adjust Garage Door Cable Tension.

    Adjusting the Cables on Your Garage Door

    Taking the Door Off the Track

    • Fully close the garage door. Close the door completely using the control.
    • Whenever the cables are uneven or off the track, there could be a slight gap on one side seen between the bottom of the door and the pavement.
    • Make the door shut as far as it can go. If there is a slight opening, do not attempt to push the door down.
    • Pull the cord linked to your garage door opener. It will detach the door opener out from the drive chain.
    • Once you lower the door, try to find that the tension springs that raise the door become guided.
    • To repair the garage door cables, remove first the strain from the springs by opening the door.
    • Raise your door using your hands and open it. Push the door straight up by grasping the bottom edge.
    • Take a firm hold and continue to lift it so that it follows the trolley track. Keep raising the door till it is open all the way.
    • Attach two c-clamps to the door track, just under the roller nearest to the bottom of the door.
    • The last scenario you would want is for the door to come crashing down while you’re working on it. The c-clamps will hold the door in place.

    Getting the Cables in the Right Place

    • Disconnect the cable. A cable you’ll be disabling loops through the frame of the garage door just above the doorway.
    • You’ll notice one end twisted around the rollers and one hooked to a clip or lock by the doorway, locking it to the frame.
    • You can also look for a frame that has holes in it. You’ll be detaching this end of the cable and hooking it up with one of the holes here to save the wire from being loose.
    • The cable bracket needs adjustment. If the cable has too much gap, you may need to grab a pair of pliers during this step.
    • To use the pliers, remove the bracket that is securing the wire to the loop attached to the shaft, then tighten it by dragging the cable wiring through the frame. And, using the hook, reattach its wire to the bracket.
    • When tightening the garage door cables, remember to don’t loosen the shaft too soon, because the cable will unwind and get twisted.
    • It’s also important to note that when tightening the shaft, just tighten until all of the slack in the cable has been removed. Excessive tightening or loosening can lead to complications.
    • Drop the door and then use two metal rods to change the spring tension.
    • Pull the cord to reconnect the door to the automatic opener track.

    Check The Door

    • Once you’ve made the necessary modifications, unclamp the door and test it to see how it looks. Continue changing the door until it closes properly.
    • Shut the door completely and ensure that it is running properly. Enable the door to shut on its own.
    • If such cables have been correctly calibrated, there will be no holes at the bottom of the door and the bottom edge will be flat against the pavement.

    Final Thoughts

    If this step How to Adjust Garage Door Cable Tension sounds daunting to you and you’re unsure where to begin, don’t push yourself to adjust the cables on your own.

    Then again, this is why garage door specialists exist.

    Consider the following links below if you want a full visual representation of the process.


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