How to Fix a Garage Door Cable

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    How to Fix a Garage Door Cable

    Garage doors are sometimes not given so much attention to until something goes wrong with it.

    Only then that we recognize the importance of regular checking of the parts to prevent unwanted damages.

    When the garage door is not functioning well, it truly is a headache.

    There can be many different issues that may cause problems to the garage door.

    In this article, we will specifically discuss how to fix a garage door cable.

    Before going into the solution, let us first get to know the parts of a garage door system.

    We will also present the purpose of a garage door cable.

    The Garage Door System

    The heavy weight of garage doors (some weigh around 400 pounds) make them difficult to move manually.

    There’s more to the door itself and tracks that make up the garage door system.

    Completing the system are the garage door cables, cable drums, large torsion springs or extension springs and the garage door opener.

    A defect in any of the system parts will cause the entire system to malfunction.

    When that happens, an immediate repair will be needed to get the garage door working again.

    For some problems, we can do the repair on our own.

    But there are defects that call for the expertise of garage door technicians or professionals.

    Below are the functions each part of the system.

    • The garage door tracks are there to keep the door aligned.
    • The garage door opener automates the lifting of the door with just a push of a button.
    • The torsion or extension springs are the ones making the lifting of the heavy door easy.
    • In case something wrong happens to the garage door springs, the door is kept fail-safe by the cable drums and the garage door cables.

    Garage Door Cable Purpose

    So, how does the garage door cable make the door fail-safe?

    Let us discover why it’s there and how it works.

    The garage door cables are located on both sides of the door.

    They are attached to a cable drum placed at the end of the shaft of the torsion spring.

    The other end of the cable is connected to the garage door’s bottom portion.

    The cables roll or unroll around the drums when the drums are turned with the help of the garage door spring.

    Together with the garage door springs and cable drums, the cables are the ones responsible in the smooth ascend and descend of the garage door.

    In the event that one of the cable breaks, it will not make the garage door malfunction right away.

    But, with only one cable doing the job, the other cable will eventually get broken because of the strain of uneven lifting.

    So as soon as we find out that one of the cables are broken, it is best to fix or replace them.

    We don’t want to wait for the other cable to fail as well.

    With springs and heavy door, the repair may seem hard to do. But it is actually safe and easy to do.

    Fixing the Garage Door Cable

    To properly do the fix, the garage door must be open.

    To avoid any injury during repair, the door must be locked in place.

    To make sure that the door will not move or close, we can place a scaffolding or ladder under the door.

    Another option is to attach vice grips just below the bottom roller tracks.

    With the door open and safely secured in place, the cable can be removed by unraveling it from the cable drum and unlooping from the peg at the garage door bottom.

    Following the directions from the manufacturer manual, install the new cable by raveling it to the cable drum and looping to the peg at the garage door bottom.

    It’s basically the reverse of removing the cable.

    Sometimes if the old cables used are already phased out in the market, we might need to replace the other cable that is not broken.

    This is because cables on both sides must be of the same length.

    Although we may change the length of the cables so they will match, that would require an expert to do the job.

    If we want a sure and great fix of the garage door or any parts of it, it is always best to call the help of the garage door professionals.

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