Side Hinged Garage Doors Pros And Cons

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    When we say you have plenty of options for garage doors, we mean you can customize your garage door.

    You can choose your garage door’s color, type, finish, and design to match your preferences and lifestyle.

    Besides these attributes, you can also select the mechanism for how your garage door opens.

    Overhead garage doors are the most common type of garage door.

    However, there are also garage doors that open sideways.

    Our focus in this article is side-hinged garage doors.

    If you’re considering installing one, you must be familiar with side-hinged garage door pros and cons.

    Contact Cleveland Garage Door Pros now to learn about the specifications and features of our side-hinged doors.

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    How Does a Side-Hinged Garage Door Work?

    Side-hinged garage doors are a traditional garage door style.

    This garage door doesn’t go up the ceiling to open like overhead garage doors.

    Instead, it has side hinges (as its name suggests) to open the door sideways.

    Side-hinged garage doors are also known as side-opening or swing garage doors.

    Similar to the usual front doors, hinged garage doors swing outward to open.

    Pros of Side-Hinged Garage Doors

    Below is a list of compelling features of side-hinged garage doors.

    Wide Range of Design and Material

    Available materials for swing garage doors are steel, timber, GRP, and aluminum.

    These materials offer the best garage door styles to complement your home exterior.

    Timber side-hinged doors can be in Oak, Cedarwood, and Accoya.

    On the other hand, steel and fiberglass offer sleek and classic designs that match an extensive range of house architecture.

    Maximum Height Accessibility

    Like horizontal sliding doors, side-hinged garage doors don’t require headroom.

    It can be as tall as the ceiling to maximize the height of your garage door.

    This means you can use the overhead space for storage or park larger vehicles in your garage.

    Another good thing about a side-hinged door is you don’t have to duck even if your door is only partially open.

    If you need to access your garage, you can open one side of the door and enter without ducking.

    Ease of Pedestrian Access

    You can install side-opening garage doors with equal, 1/3, or 2/3 split.

    The garage door opening ratio is ideal if you want your garage door to have easy pedestrian access.

    A side-hinged garage door is popular for cyclists and technicians who need quick access to their garages.


    You can insulate a swing garage door to achieve energy efficiency in your home.

    By installing garage door insulation, you can enjoy a comfortable temperature in your home without using your HVAC system exhaustively.

    In turn, this could significantly reduce your annual electricity bills.

    Cons of Side-Hinged Garage Doors

    Side-hinged garage doors don’t come without any shortcomings.

    Limited Opening Width

    Side opening garage doors can only be as wide as nine feet.

    More than this, your garage door will be difficult to open and close.

    It will also require more clearance space for your garage door to swing open fully.

    Difficult to Automate

    Another downside with side-hinged garage doors is they are usually operated manually.

    This means you have to get out of your car to manually open and close your garage door.

    While you can automate your side-hinged door, it will be difficult and pricey.

    Overhead and wall-mount openers won’t work with this garage door.

    Instead, you’ll need Hormann, Marantec, and Garador automatic openers, which are expensive and uncommon.

    Low Security

    Swing garage doors do not offer the same level of security that overhead garage doors do.

    Because of its swinging mechanism, side-hinged doors are more prone to break-ins.

    You must install added security measures such as high-security locks and high-quality garage door material.

    Professional Garage Door Installation in Cleveland

    All garage door types have their pros and cons.

    You must examine side-hinged garage door pros and cons to determine if it matches your lifestyle and needs.

    Another important consideration when selecting a garage door is your budget.

    Cleveland Garage Door Pros offer affordable garage door replacement for Cleveland garage owners.

    We assure you that our garage doors are sturdy, reliable, safe, and secure.

    Call us now to get a quote for our garage door solutions.

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