Commercial Garage Door Motor Repair

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    Commercial Garage Door Motor Repair

    Commercial spaces rely on garage doors to secure goods and services.

    It also adds beauty and enhances ventilation within the area.

    Aside from security, garage doors play an important role in the distribution of goods and services.

    Of course, the list goes on about the benefits it gives.

    Yet, a faulty commercial garage door will create troubles and delay transactions.

    For this reason, Garage Door Pros Cleveland offers commercial garage door services that are ideal to your needs.

    No need to look further, our team will help in repairing your garage door motor in no time.

    We take pride in our good working speed.

    Call our team and we will deal with it.

    Garage Door Motor and its Importance

    Garage door motor is a mechanical device responsible for the openers to function.

    Whether it is an AC or DC powered, keeping its condition well is vital to the overall function of the door.

    It is also applicable to different garage door openers, screws and drives.

    As a moving part, its function is vital for the total operation of the commercial garage door.

    Typically, garage door motors consist of bearings, commulator, stators and windings.

    Any signs of abnormalities with these parts can cause serious problems.

    A damaged garage door motor needs immediate replacement.

    Let an expert deal with it promptly.

    Of course, partnering with our team will be beneficial.

    Signs of a Damaged Commercial Garage Door Motor

    Technically, spotting motor issues is difficult.

    Sometimes, it can mimic the problems caused by openers and  springs.

    Yet, misalignment of door parts will push the motor to work harder than usual.

    Too much work will strain the garage door motor.

    Consider a commercial garage door motor repair from a trusted repair company.

    Let a professional deal with the issue promptly and correctly.

    Call Garage Door Pros Cleveland whenever:

    Door and opener don’t respond to commands.

    If your doors don’t respond to any of your commands, motors are in chaos.

    Try adjusting the frequency covered by the sensor.

    If nothing happens, call an expert immediately to deal with the issue.

    If motors are functioning well, then the cause of the problem are the openers.

    Let a professional from Garage Door Pros Cleveland check the condition of your openers.

    Consider having a commercial garage door service to enhance the function of your doors.

    Noisy Motor Operation

    Disturbing noises during operation indicates problems on the motor assembly.

    Constant banging and squeaking are signs of motor abnormality.

    Have an expert deal with the motor problem.

    We have a reliable repair team that can decipher and fix any commercial door problem.

    Aging Garage Door Motor

    Overtime, garage door motors will lose their function and ability to function well.

    Inconsistent door function can result in severe damages.

    Install or replace the old one.

    Use a new motor assembly that is on par with the trend.

    You can have this part from a garage door repair company.

    If you are not confident enough, let our expert do the installing.

    GDP – Commercial Garage Door Motor Services

    As a leading company, we strive to offer quality services. Thus, here’s a list of the motor services:

    • Test the condition of the existing garage door motor.
    • Garage door motor repair and replacements.
    • Lubricate the moving parts and other components.
    • Inspect the garage door motor and check other commercial door parts.
    • Replace the broken garage door motor assembly.
    • Reconnect or replace loose wires.
    • Clean the motor assembly.
    • Realign misaligned parts and replace worn-out accessories.

    Bear in mind that a garage door motor assembly consists of many parts.

    Letting an expert deal with the problem will help you avoid risks and accidents.

    In Garage Door Pros Cleveland, we ensure a quality service.

    All Commercial garage door services are cost-effective.

    Call Garage Door Pros Cleveland now!

    It is not easy for a normal person to detect motor issues.

    Moreover, it is very dangerous to overlook the problems and delay them for a while.

    Compromising commercial garage door motor repair is never the right answer.

    Have an expert from our company to deal with it.

    We commit to do the job right. We also take pride in our good working ethics.

    Let our team do the repair and enjoy a stress free commercial door. Call us now.

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