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    Commercial Garage Door Opener Repair Company in Cleveland Ohio

    Garage Door is a must for every household and commercial building.

    This feature of your home provides the security of your vehicles and can be used as storage for your hardware tools or a space for your home repair.

    A garage door can be operated manually or by an electric motor.

    Garage doors come in different types according to its size, materials and its method of operation.

    Different types of garage doors would fit based on your home or building needs.

    The common types are sectional garage doors, roller doors, and single panel garage doors.

    If you need the expertise to repair your garage door opener, we got it all for you here at Garage Door Pros in Cleveland Ohio.

    Garage doors are generally made to last long.

    Its life span is counted as a cycle, meaning the times you open and close your garage door.

    Some garage doors are built too long compared to other garage doors.

    These depend on the material being used, the brand, and the installation done by the technician.

    At Garage Door Pros Cleveland we will provide you with the best quality garage door repair.

    Our expert technicians are committed to deliver services and replace parts that would satisfy your need for your garage door.

    A damaged garage door may cause injury or may further damage the other parts as these parts are interconnected to each other.

    Your door may be hard to lift or pull down, won’t open or worst may fall anytime.

    Trying to do it yourself can be risky.

    You need to have a proper understanding of the mechanism of the garage door; you will also need proper tools.

    If you’re having a tough time dealing with your damaged garage door, you can contact us anytime.

    Garage Door Opener

    Your garage door components are designed to perform well.

    Nonetheless, with frequent or inappropriate use and in due course of time your garage door and its parts will become brittle or may wither.

    If you don’t know how to fix your garage door opener, you need to contact a person with skills and expertise to solve your garage door problem.

    The two major components of a garage door opener

    • Drive type
    • Motor type

    The Garage Door Opener Motor type uses alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).

    A garage door that uses direct current (DC) is more stable, faster, and silent.

    It is lightweight, very efficient, and provides extra cushion to the impact when operated.

    Different kinds of Garage door Openers.

    • the Chain Drive Opener
    • the Belt Drive Opener
    • the Jackshaft Drive Openers
    • The Direct-Drive Opener.

    How does the chain drive openers work?

    This type of garage door opener is the most common.

    It uses the chain to open and close the door.

    Proper maintenance and check-up will help this part to prolong its longevity.

    This type of door opener is the most convenient for your garage door needs.

    How does the belt drive openers work?

    One of the most common characteristics of a garage door opener is the sounds it produces during operation.

    Some of these sounds are due to defective

    If you’re looking for the most silent type of garage door opener, this would be best suited for you.

    This type of opener is great for household use.

    It is designed for smoother operation to prevent noise and vibration.

    This type of garage door opener uses a rubber belt instead of a chain which makes its performance easy and quiet.

    This is also great for upgrading your garage door opener over your chain old drive opener.

    We offer various service such as repair, replacement, or simply if you want to upgrade your weary noisy garage door opener.

    Upgrading your commercial garage door or your residential garage door would be easy and stress-free.

    Your garage door problems matter with us; here in Cleveland our experts are always ready to serve you with the best standard and quality service.

    How does the screw drive openers work?

    This is the clattering type of garage door opener.

    It simply works with the trolley mounted to the threaded iron rod.

    This type of garage door opener possesses an advantage.

    It provides faster operation and advisable for large garage doors especially for the commercial building which requires a wide large garage door.

    How does the Jackshaft drive openers work?

    The Jackshafts are the most expensive types of the opener.

    This opener works by using a DC motor with 24v.

    The motor runs the cables parts and pulleys that will create a lift and pull down movement.

    This type of garage door opener is fitted best for high and low-ceiling garages.

    Having a low-ceiling or high ceiling garage area will not be a problem because we provide customized garage door installation based on clients’ demands.

    How do the Direct-drive openers work?

    This one is similar to the belt drive opener when it comes to features and cost.

    The direct-drive opener runs smoothly and quietly.

    However, this type is quite expensive compared to a belt drive opener.

    But when it comes to efficiency and function the direct-drive opener is considerably advanced than the belt drive type opener.

    Contact Garage Door Pros Cleveland in Ohio

    If you’re looking for a garage door opener repair in Cleveland Ohio, Garage Door Pros Cleveland is the best and trusted company for you.

    Garage Door Pros Cleveland is here 24/7 to reach all your garage door needs, from garage door opener repair, replacement, and installation.

    We guarantee that you can depend on our professional technicians for all garage door opener repair service.

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