Garage Door Making Loud Noises

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    Garage Door Making Loud Noises

    One of the most critical pieces of equipment that we have at home is a garage door.

    It will safeguard one’s valuables and belongings from intruders and attackers if you own one.

    Easy access to a garage is an immense benefit of owning a property.

    And when it fails or becomes noisy, it can be a huge hassle.

    A noisy garage door will unexpectedly annoy the neighbors living around you.

    Also, people resting at night will be troubled by getting up in the middle of their sleep.

    Fortunately, we’ve got some tips into turning these doors quieter.

    This article outlines how it generates sound and offers strategies to manage it.

    When your overhead door begins to open or close, there is a wide range of sounds that it can produce.

    If this situation arises, contact the nearest repair company in your area.

    A reputable garage door repair center in Cleveland, Ohio, is Garage Door Pros Cleveland.

    We are a service facility that caters to repairing components, servicing, installing new doors, and other solutions.

    What are the Typical Garage Door Sounds?

    A superior garage door will have a safe and smooth operation.

    But even the finest doors will experience structural damage over time, which could lead to disturbing noises.

    Here are a few of the typical sounds that you may hear when using your overhead doors:


    A banging noise indicates that you require a replacement for the door panels.


    If your door is stretched to open or close, you may want to install a new engine in your overhead door opener.


    The squealing noise is due to a lack of lubrication.

    If you hydrate the mechanical parts and still hear this sound, call a professional right away.


    The grinding sound of the garage door could be from a weak roller or hinge.

    Start lubricating these components to reduce the noise.


    A broken chain could make a slapping sound.


    Vibrating sound is a cause of loosening bolts or nuts.

    You can try greasing them as well as the rollers.

    Loud Opening and Closing

    If your garage door sounds loud when you open or close, you may have bad sound quality.

    Setup some insulation to manage the noise in the place.

    What are Common Signs of Garage Doors Making Loud Noises?

    To identify what causes the noise, examine your garage door.

    To assess why they produce loud noises, here are several important signs:

    • The garage door is outdated
    • The garage door has dropped off-balance
    • The rollers have symptoms of excessive wear
    • The nuts and bolts are loosened
    • The hinges and rollers require lubrication
    • The garage door opener needs fixing or replacing

    What are the Best Measures in Controlling Loud Noises?

    A standard garage door will always make some noise, and we cannot control it sometimes.

    Here are some measures you can do on your own to help control garage door noises:

    Protect the Nuts and Bolts

    Strengthening these components with a screwdriver will help to silence your garage door.

    Be careful not to over-compress these materials.

    Preventive measures are essential before working on the door.

    If you are not comfortable doing it by yourself, ask a professional technician to do the task.

    Fix or Moisten the Rollers/Springs

    The strange sounds could emerge from the garage door rollers or springs.

    If they make a loud bang while moving, start to moisten these mechanical parts.

    It is essential to notify an accredited garage door professional to rectify any noise.

    Advanced rollers are recommended over general rollers when replacing it.

    Lubricate and Strengthen the Hinges

    As you already notice, anticipate that the basic features of your garage door will break over time.

    To find out how to resolve a noisy garage door, ensure that the hinges of your doors are not stretched, missing, or dirty.

    If any of these circumstances are present, it’s best to hire a certified repairer to initiate the procedures properly.

    Observe proper precautions at all times when conducting any kind of repair.

    It protects your hands and body from harmful chemicals such as non-petroleum oil.

    Why Hire Garage Door Pros Cleveland?

    Fixing your garage door can be a hassle if you are not prepared to handle it.

    When in doubt, hire a certified repair professional at Garage Door Pros Cleveland to inspect your overhead door.

    Our company’s advanced technology should quickly remedy the issue.

    Our qualified techs in Cleveland can conduct lubrication on your door components occasionally.

    We provide 24-hour maintenance services for all your home and business needs.

    Book an appointment with us now!

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