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    Garage Door Won't Open

    As the most frequently used entrance and exit in a standard household or business, the garage door is prone to rapid wear and tear.

    A garage door is likely to have technical glitches from time to time.

    When equipment failures happen, issues with door openers are more common.

    One of the basic problems they encounter is the door won’t open correctly.

    Homeowners are all-too-familiar with such troubles in and around the city Cleveland.

    If they work properly, which occurs most of the time, overhead door openers are the best.

    But it can’t be fun when they get to the point of crashing or breaking.

    Replacing the remote control’s batteries is the smartest thing to do.

    If in case that did not solve the problem, possibly other parts are causing the issue.

    There are serious risks if these happen.

    Whether you fix the issue yourself or seek professional advice from a trusted repair company is your wise option.

    Factors Why the Door of your Automatic Garage Won’t Open

    If your garage door won’t open early in the morning or at the end of the night, consider using the repair solutions below.

    You’ll also get helpful tips for manually opening the door while waiting for the technician to arrive at your location.

    Check if you have a blocked photo-eye

    Modern overhead doors use a photo-eye that senses if a person or object is intercepting the falling door.

    For most doors, the photo-eye will be approximately 4-6 inches off the ground and measures about the size of a pea.

    It throws a beam light within the garage, and it stops the signal when the movement of your door is interrupted.

    Inspect to see whether the cable connected to the eye is torn or broken.

    There are instances when the photo-eye is damaged by heavy rain or leakage.

    The Power Supply of your Operator Is Interrupted

    Sometimes we mistakenly unplug the power supply connection and wonder why it is not functioning.

    It may sound crazy, right? But it usually happens.

    Always verify if your garage door opener has a usable outlet wired into it.

    One way to check if the power source is not the issue, try inserting a working electronic device.

    Also, test your circuit breaker (GFCI) or power fuse if they are operating too.

    Having a Broken Garage Door Springs

    A broken spring can be a really loud bang that seems like a gun blast or firecracker.

    For a definite amount of cycles, springs operate and are the most common component that can easily split.

    Damaged springs are the main cause for most service calls a particular garage door company receives.

    NEVER attempt to activate the door if you have a broken spring, as it can be very risky.

    A trained specialist or someone with the proper equipment and expertise should handle this kind of repair.

    Garage Door Cables have Ripped or Snapped Off

    Garage door cables somehow become disconnected, similar to a bike sprocket.

    As a consequence, it can snap when a torsion spring fails.

    The cord can often inflict damage to the garage wall.

    And it can also pose a serious threat if an individual tends to be in the way of the cord.

    Notify a specialist right away if your cables have snapped.

    Damaged Remote Control

    Several conditions can trigger this issue if your garage door doesn’t open using the remote:

    • Maybe you’re out of range.
    • It is possible to damage or shield the engine’s antenna; make sure it hangs down from the engine.
    • A quick battery switch on the remote should do the work if the door opens using a wall socket.
    • Try to reconfigure the remote if any of these fails.

    The Garage Door Is Off Track

    It will not pull correctly when the door is off track, of course! Make sure to follow these steps to rectify this problem:

    • Loosen the bolts and screws that bind the track to its frame.
    • Lightly press the track back into its correct place.
    • Ensure to tighten the parts.
    • For an easy fix, use a level or a rubber mallet.

    Inspect for any unknown Obstruction beneath the Garage Door

    To avoid further damage, ensure nothing is blocking the garage doors.

    Search for any objects, falling debris, or even trash items that can cause this issue.

    Clean the tracks to remove whatever could get in the route.

    The Disconnect Button is Turned On

    Each overhead door opener comes with a disconnect device, connector, or switch.

    It makes the door manually operate in case of a power outage.

    Try to confirm that you haven’t unplugged the engine unintentionally.

    Adjust the Garage Door’s Sensitivity

    It usually occurs to a newly installed garage door.

    The door will not open if the sensitivity is configured incorrectly.

    Adjust the force limit button to its appropriate levels, and you should be okay.

    The Garage Door is Locked

    This factor could fall into a human error.

    If the engine runs but; the door doesn’t move, time to check whether the door is locked or not.

    Scan if any pieces of metal have slipped down to reach the bar.

    Track down the doorknob or handle and disconnect the lock.

    Professional Techs at Garage Door Pros Cleveland

    If you’re unhappy and in doubt, leave it to the experts, as these activities are too risky.

    To avoid the hassle of going through the processes, it’s better to schedule a call with your trusted garage door repair service.

    We at the Garage Door Pros Cleveland are ready to serve you 24/7.

    A reliable repair technician can inspect and correct massive problems inside the opener.

    In Cleveland, our experienced and competent specialists are very willing to provide you with the best solutions.

    We will ensure that your garage door system will perform smoothly for many decades to come.

    Get quick, simple, and no-commitment estimates from our competent overhead door pros!

    Give us a call now!

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