How to Adjust a Garage Door Gap

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    How to Adjust a Garage Door Gap

    How to Adjust a Garage Door Gap

    A garage door needs to be fully closed in order to keep the things inside safe.

    More importantly, if the garage is attached to the house, a well-closed garage will protect our family from unwanted guests.

    Unwanted guests can be of any form.

    Anything that can get through a garage door gap may pose harm to things inside the garage and inside the house.

    So, to avoid those unwanted things or people from getting inside, we outline the steps on how to adjust a garage door gap.

    Checking the Stops

    If we notice the edges of the garage door with rubber seal running along them, those are the garage door stops.

    They are designed to create a seal on a closed garage door.

    If properly installed, they should keep the door closed. The stops help keep the weather out of the garage.

    Gaps in the garage door can mean that the stops are misaligned.

    To fix this, we need to move the stops so that it will be properly aligned to the door.

    If moving the stops will not eliminate the gaps, then the stops will need to be replaced.

    Checking the Tracks

    Sometimes gaps around the garage door are caused by vertical tracks that are not consistently distanced from the stops.

    We want the door to be aligned to the stops and if the vertical tracks do not lead the door to the desired alignment, unwanted gaps appear.

    We can fix this by loosening and moving the mounting bolts a little bit or as needed to achieve the desired distance of the tracks from the stops.

    Adjusting the Limit Switches

    The garage door has limit switches.

    They are the ones who tell where the garage door stops when closing and opening it.

    When the limit switch is not properly set, a garage door gap is expected.

    Resetting the limit switch will solve this issue.

    We want to set it so that the door goes all the way down to the floor without leaving even a tiny gap.

    The limit switch is usually located at the garage door opener’s side.

    It is best to refer to the manufacturer’s manual in setting the limit switch.

    Replace the Seal

    The seal is susceptible to wear and tear especially when used with garage doors.

    Weather changes can make rubber seals deteriorate fast.

    There is also the possibility of animals chewing on them.

    Gaps caused by the broken or deteriorated seal can only be fixed by replacing the old seal with a new one.

    Trimming the Door to Fit

    Garage door gaps are sometimes caused by settling.

    When the foundation of the house settles, the way the garage door sits in the frame changes.

    This is not a huge problem for wooden doors.

    The door can be trimmed down to properly fit the frame again.

    For non-wooden garage doors, looking for a replacement might only be the solution.

    Adding More Concrete to the Floor

    The garage’s concrete floor may sink over time due to settling.

    This will leave a garage door gap.

    To fix this, we can just add more concrete and bring the floor back its the original level.

    It should be the right level so that the garage door gaps will disappear.

    Installing a Threshold to the Garage Door

    Another great fix to a gap at the garage door’s bottom is installing a threshold.

    The garage door thresholds are generally made with a cushioned vinyl or rubber top.

    It may feature a frame made of aluminum to install the seal to the garage door’s bottom.

    We can buy them in stores, and they usually come with a glue. Installing it is easy.

    We just need to glue the threshold to the floor of the garage.

    This is to create a permanent barrier for the garage door’s bottom part.

    With that gaps in the garage door are gone.

    Keeping our garage door properly closed using the above steps on how to adjust a garage door gap may seem easy.

    We can avoid the frustrations that comes with having garage door gaps with proper maintenance of the garage door system.

    The are many available resources online where we can learn by ourselves.

    But if we want a polished and reliable work, it is always best to call and consult with the experienced garage door professionals.

    We hope you enjoyed the above article titled How to Adjust a Garage Door Gap. For more great articles such as “How to Adjust a Garage Door Gap”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Cleveland Garage Door Pros.

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