How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks

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    How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks

    What to Do When Garage Door Is Jammed

    A garage door rolls up and down a set of tracks.

    When track issues occur, your garage door will not function efficiently.

    However, you can adjust the tracks yourself to prevent further garage door damages.

    Misaligned or damaged door tracks may cause the rollers to wear out quickly.

    It may also cause the door to rub or bind against the rubber molding.

    In worst cases, faulty tracks may cut through the garage door spring cables and cause the entire system to break down.

    For that, it is essential to make necessary track adjustments when there’s a problem.

    Here’s how to adjust garage door tracks for a helpful guide.

    You can also view this video for further understanding.

    Causes of Garage Door Track Misalignment

    Using a garage door with misaligned tracks is a risk not worth taking.

    You may experience getting locked inside or outside your garage.

    What’s worse is that an uneven garage door can suddenly snap off the tracks, causing damages and injuries.

    Broken garage door tracks also create a security risk.

    Since the door won’t close properly, it makes your home or business more vulnerable to break-ins.

    But you may wonder what’s causing the misalignment in your garage door tracks.

    Many factors can make your garage door tracks go out of place.

    It may be because it’s old or the rubber molding has worn out.

    Also, the garage door may become loose due to constant usage.

    Whatever the reason is, you must understand how to adjust garage door tracks.

    Knowing such things will help you take the right action when problems occur.

    Follow these steps to get your garage door back on track.

    Fixing Issues on Binding Garage Doors

    A binding garage door is difficult to lift and takedown.

    There are various possible reasons why this happens, and these are the ways you can take to solve the problem:

    Loosen the Screws

    If your garage door is hard to move, try to loosen the track screws.

    They may be too tight, which causes your garage door to bind.

    Lift your garage door to locate the bolts on the track brackets.

    Use a screwdriver to loosen the bolts.

    Change Track Alignment

    The metal clips connect the door frames to your garage door tracks.

    These tracks guide the garage door rollers.

    During adjustment, you have to set the tracks in proper alignment with the rollers.

    With the metal clips, you can make necessary adjustments from side to side.

    In most cases, a binding garage door occurs due to the tracks being too close to the door.

    You can tap the bottom end of the garage door tracks using a rubber mallet to get the proper alignment.

    Tighten the Screws

    Once the tracks have aligned, you can tighten back the screws to secure your garage door.

    Repeat this process for the other garage door tracks.

    Resolving a Garage Door Gap

    Fix your problem with the garage door gap by following these steps:

    Loosen the Bolts

    Loosen the garage door bolts that bind the tracks to the brackets.

    Adjust the Door Gap

    Make adjustments on the tracks to eliminate or lessen the gap between your garage door and the rubber molding.

    Aim for a half an inch and three-quarters inches’ distance between the track and the door.

    Do the same for the other garage door tracks.

    Tighten the Bolts

    After resetting the tracks and gaps, tighten the bolts back to secure the tracks in position.


    Operating a garage door with misaligned tracks comes with risks.

    Garage door functionality issues often involve the track as it’s a crucial system component.

    To adjust a binding garage door, loosen the track screws, realign the track, and tighten the screws back.

    On the other hand, to fix a garage door gap, loosen the bolts, adjust the gap, and tighten the bolts to secure the tracks.

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