How To Fix A Dented Garage Door

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    How To Fix A Dented Garage Door

    Seeing garage doors are indeed the identity of your garage and dented one’s lookout in such a terrible manner.

    Nothing is more annoying than watching anything as costly as your garage door device get damaged, fail to run, and disrupt your everyday routine.

    Dents on garage doors happen all the time.

    Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that doesn’t need you to be a repair specialist.

    Although you could hire a restoration firm to do the work for you, you can save money by taking on this challenge yourself.

    Needed Materials

    You would need to obtain the following items:

    • A mallet made of rubber
    • A piece of wood
    • A sanding tool
    • Sandpaper of a fine grit
    • Patching putty (kind of putty used to repair holes)
    • Primer, paint, and a paintbrush

    Restoring Steps of Garage Door Dents

    Before you begin, inspect your garage door for any places that have sustained dents or damages.

    You wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of fixing dents and storing away your materials only to discover that there are a few more that you didn’t find at first.

    The following procedure will help you on how to fix a dented garage door.

    Keep safe while taking action.

    1. Clear out the concerned portion.

    The first step is to scrub the affected area with heated water and a mild washing powder, such as liquid detergent.

    Take a bucket halfway of lukewarm water and pour a teaspoon of detergent.

    Clean the dirt with a sponge or microfiber fabric.

    Water the area off and leave to dry entirely.

    Once you let it dry naturally, the door will be ready in an hour.

    2. Tap the dented area with a rubber mallet.

    Have your rubber mallet and a piece of wood ready over the next stage.

    Position the piece of wood over the bend in concern and gently tap the wood with the rubber mallet to level out the layer of a dent.

    This process doesn’t have to be flawless.

    You do have a few phases to go until the surface is fully smoothed out.

    Hammer the dented area as firmly as you need to to get a semi-even texture.

    3. Sand to smooth it right.

    Then, take out your fine-grit sandpaper.

    You’ll polish the area to make it smoother and flat, similar to the rest of your garage door.

    Just one distinction seen between the damaged area and the rest of the surface, the dented surface needs sanding down such that the door face seems incurved concerning the surrounding wall.

    It probably wouldn’t look similar to the rest of the door, don’t think about that for now because you’ll be filling in this slightly curved area, eventually prepping and painting all over to even it out.

    4. Fill up the gap.

    It seems to be ready to use the putty material to patch in the small remaining uneven area at which dent once was.

    When your garage door is out from wood, you can find it much easier to cover the gap with resin wood putty.

    To many households, the garage is most certainly built of aluminum, a composite technology of doors these days.

    One may use all-purpose putty or one made for automotive parts application as they both deal with restoring the same kind of substance.

    Apply the putty with your craft knife, leveling it over as well as you can.

    Check its product’s recommendations on the putty substance to read the amount of time required for it to dry.

    After drying out the putty, sand the surface once more to ensure that the repaired area is now equal with the rest of the door’s layer.

    After sanding, clean the area by scraping debris and grit with a damp rag and let dry again.

    5. Wrap up with paint.

    The final action is to paint your door.

    However, you must prime the surface for the paint to stick.

    You would need to apply at least two coatings to ensure that the area blends in with most of the door.

    Unless you choose not to use conventional paint on your door, you could still use spray paint instead. I

    t might involve a few more extra light coating of spray paint to blend the target location, but it helps reduce the cleaning and processing time of conventional paint.

    Final Thoughts

    The steps above can help you out on the process of how to fix a dented garage door at a quick pace.

    You can always call out professionals if you can’t trust yourself to complete the process.

    Just remember to wear protective gear in taking the challenge yourself.

    You can watch relevant video below if you want to visualize the process.

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