How To Improve Garage Door Opener Reception

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    Garage Door Making Loud Noises

    Garage door openers with poor reception can be unresponsive to remote commands.

    Imagine driving your car in your garage while repeatedly pressing the remote button, but the opener has no response.

    It is a waste of time and a frustrating situation to find your garage door in this condition.

    Garage door remotes enable you to open your overhead doors at a longer distance with ease.

    But when the reception is not stable, this function becomes useless.

    Reception issues are common to remote and automatic garage door openers.

    It may give you some relief knowing that you’re not the only one experiencing it.

    However, it doesn’t eliminate the inconveniences it brings to you.

    Also, the reasons for an unstable reception may differ in every residential and commercial garage.

    Interference, frequency, antenna position, and other factors can affect your garage door opener’s range.

    It may seem that the total range is shorter than the average.

    Some locations normally have low reception with several interferences.

    Changing your opener or remote might not do the job.

    In this situation, finding ways on how to improve garage door opener reception is the best you can do.

    Follow this guide and make the necessary improvements.

    When in doubt, call us at Cleveland Garage Door Pros.

    We will back you up anytime!

    Replace the Remote Control’s Batteries

    One thing you can carry out to improve your garage door opener reception is to perform a thorough check-up on its remote control.

    A garage door may lose its range due to its remote batteries.

    Try to ask yourself, when was the last time you’ve changed your garage door’s remote batteries?

    If you’ve thoroughly inspected the remote and there are no physical issues, like sagging buttons and loose parts, check for its battery life.

    In most cases, the batteries are the ones causing the lousy reception in your garage door opener.

    On average, a garage door’s remote batteries can last up to 3 to 5 years of continuous usage.

    If used more than the average, it may result in a lousy reception in your garage door system.

    Changing the batteries of your garage door’s remote control will improve the range significantly.

    Reprogram Garage Door’s Remote

    Your garage door’s remote control might also need reprogramming.

    In some cases, the remote just requires a bit of configuration to restore the reception.

    Old models of garage door openers and remotes are often the ones needing this method.

    Consider resetting your remote control if you’re using an outdated one.

    Install Antenna Extensions

    Using antenna extensions is a good way to achieve better reception.

    Although you already have antennas in your garage, it would help if you install extensions.

    The antennas come in various types and colors.

    Also, many budget-friendly extension kits are readily available to you in the market.

    Keep the Antenna Away from Interference

    If you want to reposition your antennas or install some extensions, make sure to keep any interfering devices away from their range.

    Electronic devices in your residence or garage can be the cause of unstable garage door opener reception.

    Light bulbs such as CFL and LED, surge protectors, and televisions may disrupt the signal.

    As much as possible, place the antennas far from these devices to improve garage door opener reception.

    Adjust Garage Door Opener’s Frequency

    Old models of garage openers don’t work the same way as the latest ones.

    They typically respond to varying frequencies.

    If you want to get better reception, try modifying your remote control’s frequency.

    Change the frequency and make sure the pins in your garage door opener match the remote.

    Inspect the Wirings and Power Connection

    If the reception remains at its worst after applying various methods, check the power system in your garage door.

    Do a thorough inspection of the wirings and power connection linking to your garage door opener and switch.

    Bad reception can be due to faulty wiring or power issues.

    In this situation, you will need professionals to help you with the proper execution of the work.

    When troubled, it’s best to seek assistance.

    Do not attempt to take on the job yourself when you lack the proper tools and expertise.

    Get in Touch with Cleveland Garage Door Pros

    If you’ve applied the methods on how to improve garage door opener reception, but still no good results, give us a call.

    We at Cleveland Garage Door Pros are always up and coming to help you get better reception.

    When things don’t turn out well, do not hesitate to contact our reliable team.

    Our company offers garage door repair in Cleveland, fixing various issues, including unresponsive remote controls.

    We will take away the burden from you and give you the convenience you deserved.

    Keep your garage openers in excellent condition with Cleveland Garage Door Pros.

    Call us right now!

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