How To Open Garage Door Manually From Outside

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    How To Open Garage Door Manually From Outside

    As a garage door owner, it’s important to anticipate unexpected inconveniences, like a malfunctioning motor or a power outage.

    These situations will urge you to open your garage door manually or get a garage door repair in Cleveland.

    But when doing so, remember to act cautiously and avoid breaking your garage door while trying to get your car in.

    Understanding how to open the garage door manually from outside is vital.

    This will help you execute the proper ways to resolve the problem and eliminate unnecessary inconveniences that may come along.

    Also, you should avoid wasting much time fixing things yourself, especially during garage door trouble.

    So, here’s a guide on how to open a garage door manually from outside to help you get through such an inconvenient situation.

    Steps to Open Your Garage Door Manually From Outside

    A garage door, not opening, can happen anytime.

    You might have just arrived home, and you try to open your garage door automatically, but nothing happens.

    There might be some issues with your garage door components.

    One thing you can do to fix this situation is to open the door manually from the outside.

    Here’s how you can do it:

    • Find the emergency release cord of your garage door and a small lock near its center top, which secures the emergency release cable.
    • Set your garage door in a manual state by unlocking the emergency release cord.
    • Locate another lock on the lower portion of the emergency release kit.
    • Unlock your garage door using the key and by turning the handle to a vertical position.
    • Lift your garage door using your hands, and make sure to secure the door for it to stay open until you’ve parked your car inside the garage.
    • After entering, close your garage door manually by pulling it downwards.

    You may also watch this video for further insights.

    Now that you’ve learned how to open a garage door manually from outside, you will know how to act properly during such situations.

    However, remember that safety precautions are always a must when dealing with any garage door-related concerns.

    Whether it’s garage door repair or garage door installation in Cleveland, safety is your priority.

    Ensuring Safety When Opening a Garage Door Manually

    Dealing with garage doors can be a tough job.

    Since these pieces of equipment have various components, it’s important to know how to solve each problem safely and effectively.

    When opening a garage door manually, you will need to take precautionary measures.

    Failure to do so might cause damages to your property and injuries.

    If you’re about to lift your garage door with your hands, follow these safety tips to prevent accidents:

    • Switch off and unplug your garage door’s automatic opener to avoid sudden movements during manual operation.
    • Don’t attempt to pull the emergency release cord when your garage door is open, as this may cause the entire door to close suddenly when the power gets connected again.
    • Ensure to close your garage door when you’re done using it, and never leave it open and unattended to prevent mishaps.
    • Check any problems when reconnecting your garage door’s automatic opener. If there’s any, then you must address it accordingly.
    • Remember to call on a professional garage door repair technician if you need help.

    Seek the Expert’s Assistance

    You may think that manually opening a garage door is a piece of cake.

    However, this may vary in every situation, especially when other issues are causing your garage door to malfunction.

    What you need is the expertise and knowledge of a certified garage door repair technician in Cleveland.

    We at Cleveland Garage Door Pros are the best repairmen for your garage door concerns.

    Our company has a local team serving all corners of Cleveland with exceptional garage door repair, maintenance, and installation services.

    You get the assurance of quick, effective, and safe garage door assistance at one phone call with us.

    When lifting a garage door by hand, it is vital to ensure safety at all times and prevent any accidents.

    While you may opt to carry out the job yourself, it will be safer and more convenient to let the experts at Cleveland Garage Door Pros take care of it for you.

    Get the best garage door service from us.

    Call our team today!

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