How to Test Garage Door Sensors

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    Thanks to technology, we now enjoy an automatic garage door that does not only offer garage security but convenience as well.

    Today, almost all garage doors installed in residential and commercial buildings operate through a garage door opener controlled via a remote device.

    As garage doors open or close automatically, they need a safety measure to reverse their movement when there are obstructions underneath.

    Garage door sensors are responsible for this safety mechanism that prevents injuries and property damages.

    How Do Garage Door Sensors Work?

    Did you know that since 1993, the law requires garage door owners to install garage door sensors?

    Thus, if you own a garage door, you must have the sensors installed.

    In a usual garage door set-up, there are two sensors placed about six feet above the ground.

    Each sensor flashes an infrared beam in an aligned manner.

    When something blocks the path of the aligned beam, such as a car tire or a human leg, the garage door will refuse to close, and it will reverse its motion.

    As long as obstructions block the sensors, the garage door opener will refuse to operate and close the door.

    You can only close the garage door manually by pulling on the emergency lever.

    Garage Door Sensors Test

    Like any other thing, garage door sensors are also susceptible to damages.

    As they can experience wear and tear or faulty wirings, you should at least know how to test garage door sensors.

    Now, Cleveland Garage Door Pros will teach you how to test garage door sensors.

    Here are the steps to follow:

    1. Put an obstruction (brick, rock, or box) high enough to disturb the beam released by the sensors.
    2. Try closing the garage door through the garage door opener remote.
    3. Observe the garage door’s movement as it moves toward the obstruction.
    4. If the garage door did not reverse its movement, then there’s something wrong with the sensors.

    Look for Signs of Faults

    Once the garage door sensors test fails, you can locate the possible problem by looking for these signs:

    Red LED lights

    The garage door sensors use LED lights to indicate their alignment.

    Green light means they are aligned, while red lights mean they are not.

    To align the sensors, try tightening the screws.

    Once the red light turns green and the blinking stops, the sensors are now properly aligned.

    If the tightening of screws did not solve the problem, call Cleveland Garage Door Pros for a garage door repair in Cleveland.

    Dirty lenses 

    As garage door sensors are exposed outside, they tend to accumulate dirt and debris over time.

    Sometimes, malfunctioning garage door sensors only need a piece of cloth to wipe out dirt buildup on the lenses.

    Faulty wires

    Since garage door sensors operate through an electronic system, they are also susceptible to wiring damage.

    If the sensors are not working, check for chewed or frayed wires.

    Then, call an expert garage door technician to repair or replace these faulty wirings.

    Here at Cleveland Garage Door Pros, we are experts in setting up your automatic garage door and sensors to the electrical system.

    Our garage door repair in Cleveland includes repairing the garage door’s wiring system.

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