Increasing Garage Door Sensor Range

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    Increasing Garage Door Sensor Range

    Technically, almost all garage doors in Cleveland are into automation.

    With the advancement of technology, garages are into motor signals for operation.

    Pulling up or down the doors because of a damaged remote or sensor can be very stressing.

    Jamming of doors is the result of neglecting its need in maintenance.

    In most cases, a low-bound sensor range can disrupt the transfer of signal between the remote and the door.

    Overtime, the possibility of reaching the signal will be low.

    For this reason, seeking professional help from an expert will boost the signal range.

    Moreover, they can help in improving the performance of your garage door motor.

    Garage Door Pros Cleveland is a trusted company that offers garage door services.

    We commit to solve the problem without requiring too much work time.

    Call our team if you want to increase your garage door sensor range.

    What are the average ranges a normal sensor can reach?

    The average signal range is at least four to five cars length from the garage door.

    This way, you can control your garage doors from the outside.

    This safety range distance can help you control your garages from a certain distance.

    Thus, automated sensor openers are essential to avoid risks during opening.

    It is important to have your sensors checked or even increase its sensor range to avoid problems.

    In this regard, you can reduce chances of injuries and enhance your security.

    For professional care, you can call our team and we will be at your service.

    Techniques on How to Increase Garage Door Sensor Range

    Increasing garage door sensor range is a difficult job to do.

    You have to be knowledgeable about the motors and other sensor parts.

    Also, you have to have proper tools and equipment in doing so.

    As a homeowner, it is your job to check if your sensors are functioning well.

    Any signs of issues can be very dangerous.

    You have to take action and be attentive to what your garage door needs.

    Of course, seeking professional advice and care will be very beneficial.

    Our team has been in the field of repair for many years now.

    In this regard, we have developed techniques to deal with some garage door trouble.

    Here are some techniques in increasing garage door sensor range.

    Adjust the Remote’s Frequency

    Old versions of garage doors use 390 MHz frequency; though it is high it can disrupt the signal.

    Now, it is advisable for new models to have a 315 MHz frequency.

    Changing the frequency can help in increasing the signal range of your sensors.

    Especially to those old models with dip switches, the need of replacing is high.

    This technique can only happen if you install a new circuit board with new sets of remotes.

    If you do not want to install a new one, then have an external receiver to adjust your frequencies.

    This job is a sensitive one.

    One must have prior knowledge on frequencies and motors to do the job right.

    In this regard, call Garage Door Pros Cleveland whenever you want a frequency change.

    Replace Old Remote Controls

    Overtime, remote control contacts can lose their function.

    Remote controls that have been in use for more than ten years is subject to damage.

    Contact problems on the remote can decrease the signal range of your doors.

    If the indicator lights don’t flicker, then the signals emitted will not reach the sensors.

    Consider replacing old remote controls to increase your signal ranges.

    Installing an Extension for the Antennas

    Antennas exist to detect signals from the remote.

    They are hanging down from the door operator casing.

    To guarantee a good signal, antennas should be directly placed under the door opener.

    Thus, antennas should be 10 inches long to receive signals.

    Consider installing an extension whenever the signal is unavailable.

    Antenna extension might be the key to boost its receiving signal.

    Place the Antenna in the Right Location

    Technically, antennas are exposed to various interference.

    Fixed lights, sprinklers, LEDs, alarms and etc. can interfere in the exchange of signal.

    It is ideal to install the antenna in a location where there is no interference.

    An expert might tell you to relocate your antennas.

    You must choose a place where there are no distractions.

    Ensure that the new location is desirable for signal exchange.

    Seek our team whenever you have a hard time in relocating your antennas.

    Call Garage Door Pros Cleveland and we will be happy to serve you.

    Reasons Why it is Important to Make Sensor Adjustments

    Automatic garage doors need to be in good condition at all times.

    Any disruptions or interference can cause plague within your garage.

    Increasing garage door sensor range can improve the exchange signal.

    Moreover, the operation of function will be harmonious and free from risks.

    A decreased signal range is one of the problems in an automated garage door.

    You must be attentive whenever you encounter such issues.

    The above-mentioned techniques might not be applicable to your problems.

    Serious sensor troubles are for the expert to check.

    Call Garage Door Pros Cleveland whenever you are in sensor trouble.

    We have an equipped and trained repair staff that can sort out your garage issue.

    Garage Door Pros Cleveland for Sensor Issues!

    Do not overlook any signs of sensor abnormalities.

    If you do, serious damages might happen.

    It is best to schedule a sensor maintenance form Garage Door Pros Cleveland.

    Ensuring the condition of your sensors will help you avoid opener troubles.

    We offer garage door repair and replacement services that might pique your interests.

    Take time in enhancing the performance of your garage doors.

    By doing so, you can live conveniently without worries.

    We, Garage Door Pros Cleveland, will help enjoy comfort and efficiency.

    Let our team deal with any of your garage door troubles. Call us now!

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