Ravenna police rescue woman from burning home

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    Ravenna police rescue woman from burning home

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    RAVENNA, Ohio (WJW) – Jonathan Noland and his girlfriend Mckenzie Shanafelt were in the basement of his parents’ home on May 13 when they heard crashing noises from above them.

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    Going to investigate, Jonathan was met with plumes of heavy smoke and fire.

    “When Jonathan got to the top of the steps, the fire was there. He was able to get out through the garage door, but by the time Mckenzie got to the top of the steps, she couldn’t go any farther. She turned around went back downstairs and called 911,” said Jonathan’s mother Renee Noland.

    On the 911 call, the dispatchers repeatedly try to coax Shanafelt out through the stairway, but she describes a scenario that becomes more and more life-threatening each passing moment.

    Ravenna police footage photo

    “Can you get out of the basement?” asks the dispatcher. “I don’t know. There’s so much smoke. I’m scared,” said Shanafelt. Then telling dispatchers, “The smoke is now getting in the basement, so I just think it’s getting worse” and “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die.”

    Ravenna fire as well as Police Sgt. Christopher Coy and officers Matthew Meyers, Cruz Montez and Dominic Nicolino were dispatched to the Harvest Drive address. Sgt. Coy was among the first to arrive. His body worn camera records a massive blaze erupting from the two-story home.


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