Rotary Saws: Lessons Learned from Cutting Overhead Doors

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    Rotary Saws: Lessons Learned from Cutting Overhead Doors

    Dented Garage Door Repair

    TRAINING NOTEBOOK ❘ By Stephen Shaw

    The lessons learned from training are more than just “nice to know” nuggets—they are essential. The Fort Lauderdale (FL) Fire Rescue (FLFR) Training & Special Operations Bureau has developed a comprehensive training program focusing on forcing entry on overhead doors with rotary saws. The content comes from our collective experience on the scene of multiple incidents combined with our ability to train on many commercial and residential acquired structures. We are also fortunate to have developed tremendous relationships with local overhead door companies. These relationships have led to the building of props that can hold doors in place for training purposes. The training has been well received and the lessons learned over such a long time have been amazing. This article covers the most valuable lessons learned from cutting commercial and residential overhead doors.


    Training Minutes Revisited: Rotary Saws

    Commentary: The Rookie Doesn’t Know a Trade!?!?!?

    Truck Company Operations: Using the Rotary Saw, Part 1

    The Importance of Lessons Learned During Training

    1. Teach saw etiquette.

    If firefighters try to use a rotary saw without proficiency on that tool, they are set up for failure. On the fireground, this translates to delays in tactics; inefficient operations because of…


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