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    Garage Door Repair Medina

    Garage Door Repair and Installation Services in Medina

    Upcoming homeowners or ones that are redoing their existing homes know that purchasing a new garage door can be quite an adventure.

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    It can be exciting to be able to completely redo the aesthetic of a residential home.

    However, it can also be daunting.

    Some may be replacing their doors for a more functional door with brand new features.

    Whatever your reason is, we are here for all things related to garage door repair and installation in Medina.

    Here’s a short guide to help you choose the best door for your home or space.


    What the door looks like is probably one of the first things that come to mind when you’re in the market for a new garage door.

    Since they take up so much space, they do draw attention.

    The exterior of the door can complement homes and also look completely out of place.

    Times have surely changed.

    Thirty years ago, you could only choose between a white or almond-colored door.

    Nowadays, there are various colors and textures to choose from that will surely fit right into your homes’ color scheme.

    Make and Material

    The amount of garage door repair that your chosen garage door can endure depends on the material it is made of.

    How durable a door is will also depend on the maintenance you are willing to give it.

    Wooden doors have their unique beauty and you can really see the craftsmanship they showcase.

    Steel options are excellent for long-term use and often just need a little clean in order to look brand new.

    There are also aluminum and glass doors readily available.

    We recommend these for more hassle-free maintenance but it is important to know that they do not offer as much insulation as other materials.

    Other parts to look into are the type of garage door motor to buy since they are such an important mechanism.

    Newer doors may be more quiet and may also open and close faster.


    Energy is expensive and insulation is just as important in your garage as anywhere else in your house.

    A higher R-value, insulation’s thermal property, can actually help a door operate quietly.

    There are two different types of insulation to look out for before your garage door installation.

    First is polystyrene, which is available in sheets.

    It’s made to fit between the front and back garage door panels.

    It has a lower R-value even though the sheets are thick because they don’t really fill out the entire cavity.

    Polyurethane, on the other hand, foams in place and then expands during manufacturing.

    This way, the entire cavity between the front and back door panels are filled in tightly.

    So, it seems a lot thinner than polystyrene sheets but it actually provides better insulation.

    Door Size

    Another factor to consider is the dimensions of the door you will need.

    The rough opening is the actual height and width of the door frame.

    The door’s rough opening should be the same size as the garage door not including the stop molding it may have.

    Any side room usually allows a vertical track to be installed.

    There is usually a minimum of 3.75” to 4.50” required on each side of the door for a standard extension or torsion spring.

    Headroom the needed space above the door for either overhead tracks or springs.

    It is crucial to have no other obstructions in this area of space.

    There should be a minimum of 10” to 12” from the top of the opening to the ceiling for extension and torsion springs.

    Finally, you should consider the distance from the opening to the wall at the back of the garage.

    The minimum measurement requirement should be the door’s height plus 18”.

    Wind and Fire

    Additional features one can look for are wind-resistant and fire-rated doors.

    For areas that experience stronger winds or even hurricanes, wind-resistant doors are recommended to prevent any breaches.

    Another great option for every home is a fire-rated garage door.

    There are different doors that are able to detect nearby smoke or fire and be able to close automatically.

    Any other specific features should be researched before door purchase.

    Garage Door Services in Medina Made Easy – Price Point

    Doors for home garages are more affordable in this day and age.

    The market comes out with more options that vary in design, texture, size, material, and additional features that are perfect for all sorts of homes.

    Whatever your budget is, we recommend that the door costs around 1% of the entire value of your home.

    If you need any help with garage door repair and installation in Medina, you can contact us!

    For All Your Garage Door Needs in Medina

    Cleveland Garage Door Pros is here for brand new installations as well as any maintenance for existing garage doors.

    We are more than willing to help you with garage door repair and installation in Medina.

    Contact us today.

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