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    Commercial Garage Door Repair

    Commercial Garage Door Repair & Installation Company

    It’s crucial to keep the working condition of your commercial garage door, or else you might sacrifice the safety and operations of your business.

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    For this reason, it’s best to hire a licensed and qualified garage door repair company if you spot any issues with your commercial garage door.

    After all, you should address the problems as soon as possible to resume your business operations.

    If you want to save money, time and effort, you can call Garage Door Pros Cleveland for a commercial garage door repair & installation.

    Meanwhile, we will round up the issues with your garage door and when is the best time to repair or replace it.

    Garage Door Problems that Need Replacement

    First, you need to know when to consider a commercial garage door replacement. Furthermore, these are the following issues when considering a replacement:

    Regular Breakdowns

    Every business owner knows the essence of time. For this reason, prioritize your garage door once it malfunctions.

    If the garage door has been experiencing regular breakdowns for a while, buy a new one rather than fixing it.

    In this kind of situation, the repairs are likely more expensive than a garage door installation.

    Regular breakdowns happen when there’s accumulated damage to the components of the garage door.

    If you had not called for repairs before, this accumulation of damage is most likely to happen.

    With this, call a reputable and qualified garage door repair company for a commercial garage door repair & installation.

    Recent Break-Ins

    Break-ins should be a no-no when it comes to every business owner. Besides, who wants their goods to be stolen and damaged, right?

    A faulty garage door will encourage break-ins. Therefore, you’re compromising the safety and security of your business.

    You should replace the garage door once you experienced a recent break-in. You can also choose higher security features to ensure the safety of your business.

    Outdated Garage Door

    If your commercial garage door is currently uninsulated or lacks security, it’s time to buy a new one.

    Modern garage doors have various security and other features. Thus, utilize the technology to your advantage by communicating your needs with a professional.

    Worn-out and Old Garage Door

    If your commercial door is decades old already, it may start to wear-out. Hence, it won’t be susceptible to damage anymore.

    Usually, old garage doors are easily damaged, especially for the components. If you haven’t checked your commercial door for a while, inspect the components’ condition. Most likely, they are worn-out and damaged.

    If the damage is present in the garage door’s overall mechanism, it’s time to upgrade to a better one.

    Garage Door Problems That Need Repairs

    On the other hand, there are times that your garage door might just need repairs. These are the common indicators on when you should only call for repairs from a professional:

    The garage door is shaky

    Usually, a garage door shakes when it moves. But if the shake becomes excessive, the hardware and components might be loose.

    Inspect the hardware parts such as hinges, nuts, bolts, and screws. If they are loose, tighten them with a socket wrench.

    However, if you did not spot any loose parts, ask help from a professional to receive a proper diagnosis for your garage door.

    The garage door is noisy

    Another sign you need a garage door repair is when the door produces a squeaky, popping, or rattling noise.

    These noises can be alarming since they indicate a severe problem on the garage door parts such as springs, cables, or rollers.

    Make sure to hire a professional if you spot any damage to these parts. Since handling these damaged moving parts can be dangerous.

    The garage door is moving unevenly

    When the garage door has damaged tracks or springs, it can cause uneven movement.

    When dealing with these components, it’s best to reach a professional to adjust or replace these parts.

    You don’t want to risk yourself to injury since commercial garage doors are unlike residential ones. A commercial garage door is heavier and massive. Hence, it’s dangerous to deal with it if it becomes problematic.

    Need a Commercial Garage Repair & Installation?

    If you need a new door or a repair, you can count on Garage Door Pros Cleveland.

    We specialize in garage door services such as garage door installation, repairs, maintenance, and tune-ups.

    You can rely on our experienced and trained skills to ensure your garage door is working correctly again.

    Call us now to receive our top-notch commercial garage door repair & installation!

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