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    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Expert Garage Door Cable Repair Services Near You

    Due to the availability of information on the internet, it’s no wonder most homeowners are knowledgeable regarding garage door parts.

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    Thus, they utilized this information to search for ways to fix the parts if something goes wrong.

    However, they still find themselves scratching their heads when trying to fix the cables.

    For this reason, we will go you through what you need to know about cables and when to call a garage door cable repair.

    Types of Garage Door Cable

    A cable is a moving component responsible for balancing the tension released by the spring as the garage door opens.

    Just like the springs, cables also have two different types, namely, lifting and retaining.

    By identifying the different parts, you can learn their respective functions. However, despite the type of garage door cable you own, both are still susceptible to damage due to frequent usage.

    Lifting Cables

    If you have a torsion spring in your garage door, most likely, you’re using a lifting cable.

    This type of cable connects to the bottom of the garage door and on top of the springs.

    When you spot the cable snaps, it’s most likely a lifting type.

    Retaining Cables

    On the other hand, retaining cables work together with extension springs. They are seen on both sides of the garage door and run along the inside of the springs.

    This type of cable controls the force or energy releases by the extension springs, especially when the springs break apart.

    Reasons Why Cables Break

    No matter what type of cables you have, it will eventually break or snap. The reasons for their damage are due to:

    Wrong Installation on Springs

    Cables are connected to the springs. But when the springs are installed incorrectly, it might affect how the cables operate.

    As a result, it will cause damage to the cables, causing them to snap.

    Discuss this problem with a garage door repair company in Cleveland, such as Garage Door Pros Cleveland. Call us now for a garage door cable repair!

    Damaged Springs

    Once the springs wear out, the cables might lose tension, which causes the garage door to crash down.

    For this reason, it’s essential to replace the springs right away once they break. This will result in the cables damage since both are connected.

    Mismatched Cables and Drums

    If you have left the garage door installation to an amateur before, most probably, the drums installed are the wrong type.

    It’s important to know that wrong drums can strain the condition of the cables.

    This means they will eventually snap, causing the garage door to crash down. As a result, there might be potential injuries that will happen.

    The next time you ask for repairs, you should communicate the problem with a professional.

    They will inspect the drums and install the right type for your cables. In this way, the garage door will operate at maximum efficiency.

    Dirty Tracks

    Dirty tracks can lead to an uneven movement of the garage door. When the garage door is not balanced, it will result in damage to the cables.

    The dirt and debris on the tracks can hinder the movement of the tracks, which puts stress on the garage door motor.

    When the garage door motor is working harder, the cable will work hard as well. To prevent this from happening, clean the tracks from time to time to avoid failure.

    When Do You Need A Garage Door Cable Repair

    Meanwhile, these are the things you need to watch out for with your garage door to validate if your garage door cable has snapped

    The garage door is difficult to open

    If it appears that the garage door motor and springs are working well upon inspection, then this means the cable is damaged.

    When the cables are damaged, you may find it hard to open your garage door. Once it happens, call a professional for a garage door cable repair as soon as possible.

    The cable snapped

    Once the cables snap, the wires will hang loosely. This situation happens because of corrosion and excessive friction on the cables.

    You might not have paid attention to the cables when it needs lubrication. As a result, they will break apart.

    Call Garage Door Pros Cleveland for a Garage Door Cable Repair!

    The first step to do when you spot a damaged cable is to call Garage Door Pros Cleveland.

    When you leave the job to the professionals like us, we will guarantee that the cable is fixed as soon as possible.

    Don’t try to fix the cables on your own. Leave the job to us! Call us now if you’re in Cleveland!

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