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    Garage Door Motor Repair & Installation

    Garage Door Motor Repair & Installation Service

    It’s no question that garage doors are convenient and make our lives easier.

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    Ever since the invention of the garage door, we no longer have to park our car in the driveway and manually operate it.

    One of the components of the door that makes it easy to operate is the garage door motor.

    By clicking the remote opener, you can open and close the garage door at your will.

    However, as with all equipment, the garage door motor can break. While this is usually a less common problem, it eventually happens.

    If you have a broken motor, you don’t need to worry. We will give you everything you need to know about it and when you should call for a garage door motor repair & installation.

    Garage Door Motor Types

    If you’re considering an installation, you should know the different types of garage door motors. Here are some of it:

    Chain-drive opener: A chain-drive opener is one of the most common types of opener motor.

    The chain attaches itself to a trolley that moves along the rail. This trolley connects to the garage door motor to allow the door to move.

    This type of chain has one of the noisiest operations. Hence, it is not a popular choice for homeowners.

    Belt-drive opener: This type of opener has the same operation as a chain-drive but is only replaced by a belt attached to the trolley. It has a quiet operation but more expensive than a chain-drive.

    Jackshaft opener: It has the quietest and smoothest operation for a garage door opener, making it an ideal choice for most homes.

    This type of opener uses a powerful direct current (DC) motor responsible for adjusting the spring. It is also mounted on a garage wall.

    Screw-drive opener: It has the same mechanism as belt and chain-drives but instead uses a threaded steel rod to move the trolley.

    It is the most neglected type of opener because it is the noisiest and sensitive to temperature changes.

    Different Garage Door Motor Problems

    If you currently own a garage door motor and it’s starting to malfunction, know the following tips on how to deal with it. Most probably, your problem can be found from the following:

    The garage door cannot open or close

    If you have made attempts to open or to close your garage door with no success, check the remote or opener itself for issues.

    Check the battery of the remote if it is working. If not, replace the battery with a new one. But if the remote itself is not working, buy a new one instead.

    If changing the battery or remote does not work, the garage door motor itself might be the problem.

    If you hear it running as the garage door does not move, it needs a repair.

    With this, call Garage Door Pros Cleveland to fix the opener motor for you!

    The opener motor is already old.

    If your garage door motor is old, you might need to replace it soon, especially if it’s causing problems to the garage door’s mechanism.

    For this reason, call a garage door repair service for a garage door motor repair & installation.

    The garage door is moving inconsistently.

    If you find the garage door opens only midway, there must be a problem with the up-limit switch.

    Place the up-limit switch near the garage door motor to allow the door to open. While this is a rare problem, it is a most common issue for newly installed openers.

    On the other hand, if the door suddenly reverses before hitting the floor, see if there’s an object in the path. If there is, remove it. Once the sensors detect an object in the door, it won’t let the door close all the way.

    But if removing the object doesn’t work, you need to check the problem with a garage door repair service in Cleveland.

    Call Garage Door Pros Cleveland!

    Garage door motors make our lives easier and more convenient. But once it gets damaged, you might find yourself relying on the garage door’s manual mechanism.

    As we all know, manually opening or closing the garage door is a hassle as it can waste our time and energy.

    Once you notice garage door motor problems, don’t hesitate to call a garage door repair company such as Garage Door Pros Cleveland.

    We will bring back the former glory of your garage door motor. Call us now for a garage door motor repair & installation!

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