Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

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    Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

    Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

    One of the crucial components of a garage door is an opener. With the invention of a garage door opener, the lives of people became easier.

    With just a click of an opener remote, you can either open or close it even if you’re meters away from the opener. Hence, it’s no wonder an opener is convenient to our lives.

    For this reason, you need to take care of it regularly. Check if the garage door motor, chains, and remote are working correctly.

    If one of the opener components fails, you’ll be compromising the safety of your house. Especially if your garage door won’t close, which is a usual problem from a failing opener, you might be risking your home from intruders and threats.

    It’s every homeowner’s responsibility to take care of their garage door openers. But if it’s too late, seek help from a certified and reliable garage door repair company in Cleveland, such as Garage Door Pros Cleveland.

    Call us if you need a garage door opener repair & installation!

    Meanwhile, these are the things you should know regarding garage door openers and when you should hire a professional for a garage door opener repair & installation.

    Different Types of Openers for Installation

    Different components make up a garage door opener – motor, remote, and chain.

    The garage door motor is an electronic device that uses a DC battery to allow the garage door’s automation.

    When you press the remote control, the motor signals the garage door to move.

    On the other hand, the chain is a moving component responsible for the garage door movement. Without it, it’s impossible to raise and lower the garage door.

    No matter what opener type you have, it uses a chain-like mechanism to raise and lower the garage door.

    To know more about the types of opener, these are the following:

    Chain-drive opener

    This type of opener is most commonly available in the market. It uses a chain that attaches itself to a trolley connected to the motor to allow the garage door to open and close.

    A chain-drive opener has one of the noisiest operations. Hence, it’s not the recommended choice for most homeowners.

    Belt-drive opener

    A belt-drive has the same mechanism as a chain-drive opener. However, it uses a belt to drive the trolley to move along the rail.

    This is more expensive than the former and has a quieter operation. This type of opener is a popular choice for homeowners.

    Jackshaft opener

    This type of opener is mounted on top of the garage door, responsible for adjusting the torsion spring.

    If the garage is connected to your house, this is the ideal opener for you.

    Screw-drive opener

    A screw-drive opener has the same mechanism as a chain and belt-drive. However, it uses a threaded steel rod.

    It has the noisiest operation out of all the openers, which is not recommended for homeowners. However, it comes at a low price.

    It’s essential to know the different types if you currently own an opener. It might help you with the steps on how to take care of it, or as a future reference if you want to replace your old one.

    Common Opener Problems

    As mentioned, you need to take care of the opener to prevent inconvenience on your part.

    However, as with all things, equipment breaks and falls apart in due time. With this, don’t hesitate to call a garage door repair expert to fix the opener for you.

    Meanwhile, these are the usual problems you may encounter with a broken opener:

    The garage door is making strange sounds.

    If you hear a grinding noise, the garage door motor’s main drive gear is probably the culprit.

    Inspect the issue with an expert on how to deal with the faulty main drive gear.

    The garage door is stuck.

    When the garage door is stuck in the middle of the operation, you might want to check the rail. If it’s rusted, lubricate it.

    The garage door won’t open or close.

    If the garage door doesn’t close, there might be an obstruction in the way.

    Make sure to clear the path to allow the door to close. But if eliminating the obstacles doesn’t work, you might want to check the problem with a professional.

    On the other, a garage door that won’t close simply means that you need to adjust the close limit switch. Read the instructions on how to change the limit setting.

    However, if this does not work, there might be undetected problems that require a professional inspection.

    Call a garage door repair company to assist you with your problem.

    Need a Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation?

    If you currently own a garage door opener, it’s essential to decide on the repairs or replacement if it’s causing problems to you.

    To help you with the decision, call Garage Door Pros Cleveland to check your opener’s condition. Depending on the problem, we might do a repair or a complete replacement.

    Call us now to prevent future problems from occurring!

    We hope you enjoyed the above article titled Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation. For more great articles such as “Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Cleveland Garage Door Pros.

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