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    Garage Door Spring Replacement

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    The interconnected components work together to make a garage door functional.

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    One of the most crucial components of a garage door is the garage door spring.

    With this component, it’s easy to lift the garage door without the feel of its full weight.

    However, springs break over time. But, it’s dangerous to fix them on your own. For this reason, call a professional such as Garage Door Pros Cleveland to do the job for you.

    Furthermore, we will discuss how springs break and when to hire a professional for a garage door spring replacement.

    Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

    A spring stores energy or tension that is eventually released when you open the garage door.

    If you have been struggling to open the garage door, the most common reason is damaged springs.

    Because of this, you need to keep it in good condition. If you spot rust, lubricate it. In case it’s wearing out, you need to perform a garage door spring replacement.

    If you want to prevent damage to your garage door spring, know the following reasons why it breaks. In this way, you’ll be able to avoid the damage.

    Cold Weather

    Springs are made of metal. When a metal is exposed to freezing weather, it might get damaged. Thus, this is a similar case for garage door springs.

    If you live in cold weather, the springs might get damaged any time soon if you don’t replace them soon.

    If you’re considering a replacement, make sure to buy a high-quality spring that can withstand the freezing weather. In this way, you’ll replace the springs less frequently.

    You can also hire a garage door repair company in Cleveland to choose high-quality springs for you.

    Wrong Type of Springs

    If you have been wondering why your spring breaks frequently, it’s because you’ve been buying the wrong springs all along.

    To prevent this issue from happening again, consult your concern to a certified garage door repair company to choose the best springs according to your garage door type.

    Poor Maintenance

    Most homeowners know the importance of maintenance. However, it is often taken for granted. We only tend to notice our garage door once it breaks down.

    If you don’t want such a scenario to happen in your garage door, check the springs from time to time.

    If the springs are rusty, lubricate them with a silicone-based lubricant. Besides, it’s important to lubricate the parts to prevent friction between the coil springs.

    On the other hand, replace the springs if they start to wear out. Don’t let the springs get damaged if you don’t want to suffer from severe garage door problems in the future.

    Common Garage Door Spring Problems

    There are times that, despite how frequently you maintain the garage door spring, it will still lead to issues in the long run since they function only to a certain extent.

    If you have been dealing with a faulty garage door for a while now, know these issues that usually correlate with a broken garage door spring.

    Only then you must hire a professional for a garage door spring replacement.

    The garage door is difficult to open: When it’s challenging to open your garage door after clicking the remote opener many times, the springs are likely damaged.

    For this reason, call a professional in Cleveland to fix the springs.

    The garage door seems to sag: Once you encounter the garage door sags when it opens midway, the tension on the spring might be loosening.

    Inspect the problem with a professional before the damage becomes worse.

    The garage door makes a loud bang and popping sound: A loud bang and a popping noise indicate that the spring has already snapped.

    As a result, this might cause the door to crash suddenly. If you happen to hear such noises, immediately call a professional for a garage door spring replacement.

    Hire Garage Door Pros Cleveland for a Garage Door Spring Replacement!

    It’s crucial to hire a professional in Cleveland if you have a broken spring. With this in mind, you won’t have to cause more damage to the garage door and injury to your loved ones.

    If you’re sure that your garage door spring needs saving, call Garage Door Pros Cleveland! We will replace the old and damaged springs for you!

    Besides that, we also cater to customers who want garage door installation, maintenance, and repair.

    What are you waiting for? Call us to receive our top-notch services!

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