Smithville family miraculously escapes after house explodes off foundation

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    Scroll down to read the rest of this article titled: Smithville family miraculously escapes after house explodes off foundation.

    Smithville family miraculously escapes after house explodes off foundation

    Dented Garage Door Repair

    SMITHVILLE, Ohio (WJW) — Neighbors are rallying to try and help a local family that somehow miraculously escaped from their home after it literally exploded off of its foundation on Sunday.

    Deputies hunt for source of Geauga County explosions rattling residents

    Smithville firefighters were called to Honeytown Road just after 11 a.m. Central Fire District Chief Mark Burns was there within two minutes after the call and says flames were already shooting from the home, with debris from the explosion scattered throughout the yard.

    “Any time you have an explosion in a home, there’s chaos, there’s a lot of embers. There were articles of the house in the yard and you could definitely tell it popped itself off of its foundation,” said Burns.

    Neighbors, including Dan Teakemple were jolted by the blast.

    Orrville Fire Department photo

    “Sunday morning, we were having coffee sitting there and we heard a big boom and I turned to my wife, it was raining, and said, ‘Is that thunder?’ She said, ‘No, it sounded like an explosion,’” said Teakemple.

    Orrville Firefighters were immediately summoned to help.

    “We noticed on the garage door it blew the garage door, the man door, it blew that completely off the house,” said Orrville Fire Chief Chris Bishop.

    Teakemple says as soon as they realized there had been an explosion, he and his wife rushed to see what had happened and saw their neighbors, the Sanders family, including…


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