Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Pros And Cons

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    A wall-mount or jackshaft garage door opener is not your typical opener.

    For one, it’s not suspended on the garage ceiling but rather mounted on the wall.

    A wall-mount opener is also not driven by a belt or chain.

    These unique features of this opener provide both advantages and disadvantages.

    You should know the wall mount garage door opener pros and cons if you’re considering installing it.

    Lucky for you, our technicians have created this article as a guide before you install a jackshaft opener.

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to Cleveland Garage Door Pros if you have further questions.

    We’ll be happy to help you throughout the process.

    Consider hiring our team to install your wall mount or any other type of garage door opener.

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    What Makes a Wall-Mount Garage Door Opener Unique?

    Many people only think about overhead openers when they hear the term garage door opener.

    As its name suggests, overhead garage door openers are installed above the garage door.

    It hangs from the garage ceiling, which is where it controls the automatic operation of the garage door.

    It uses a belt or a chain to operate the rail track and lift to raise and lower the door.

    Overhead garage door openers are not your only option for an automatic opener.

    A wall-mount or jackshaft opener is another type of operator gaining traction nowadays.

    Unlike overhead openers, a wall-mount operator can be installed on either side of the garage door.

    It doesn’t have a chain or belt, but rather it is linked to the torsion bar to raise and lower the garage door.

    Why Should You Install a Wall Mount Opener?

    Any garage owner can install a jackshaft opener if they wish.

    However, this type of operator is very popular in garages with irregular ceilings and ceilings with limited overhead space.

    Overhead garage door openers don’t work well in such ceilings, so owners often opt for a wall-mount opener.

    Besides this, we’ve listed other compelling features of a wall mount garage door opener.

    Ergonomic design

    Unlike overhead openers, a wall mount operator doesn’t require a considerable amount of ceiling clearance.

    Thus, belt- or chain-driven openers won’t work if you have a small garage.

    Jackshaft openers can make up for this lack.

    Wall-mount openers come in a compact, space-saving design.

    This means you don’t need to allocate significant space for your opener.

    You won’t need to give up your ceiling space because you can install the jackshaft on either side of the garage door.

    Hence, you can still use your ceiling space for storage.

    Increased security

    Intruders often pry the top of the garage door to access the opener.

    They use a coat hanger to reach and disengage the emergency release handle and manually open the garage door.

    This problem doesn’t apply to a wall mount opener because it isn’t located overhead.

    Thus, you can enjoy better security and peace of mind with a wall mount operator.


    Another wall mount garage door opener pro is safety.

    Modern jackshaft openers have advanced safety features such as reverse safety systems and sensors.

    They aren’t also at risk of causing accidents and property damage if ever they fall off.

    On the other hand, overhead garage doors can collapse on you or your car and cause injuries.

    What’s the Catch?

    A wall-mount garage door opener isn’t perfect.

    One drawback of a jackshaft opener is it cannot lift heavy garage doors.

    Its location causes this disadvantage because it is at a lower point than the garage door.

    It will need a greater amount of force to lift the door.

    Another problem with this is that it requires you to have an outlet to plug the opener.


    Choosing a garage door opener seems easy.

    However, each type of automatic operator has its own positive and negative sides.

    Thus, you must first assess the wall mount garage door opener pros and cons before coming up with a decision.

    You should consider your needs, preferences, and budget.

    Contact Cleveland Garage Door Pros for expert assistance.

    We also offer garage door opener installation, garage door repair, and replacement.

    Book an appointment with us now by calling our local number.

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