Belt Vs. Chain Garage Door Opener

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    Technology has spoiled us in the sense that we want everything to be convenient.

    For garage owners, garage door openers are increasingly becoming a necessity in today’s era.

    Automatic openers make opening and closing garage doors hassle-free.

    But to truly achieve convenience and comfort, you must choose the right type of garage door opener.

    Overhead garage door operators, driven by a belt or chain, are the two most popular types of openers.

    Find out the pros and cons of belt vs. chain garage door openers in this article.

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    Two Types of Overhead Garage Door Opener

    As its name implies, an overhead garage door opener is located above the garage door.

    It is mounted on the garage door ceiling, where it controls the door’s movement.

    Overhead garage doors can be chain- or belt-driven.

    Both types of openers operate on the same mechanism.

    The belt or chain moves the trolley to raise or lower the garage door.

    The difference between the two types of opener lies in the material that moves the trolley.

    Belt garage door openers use a rubber belt, while chain openers use a metal chain.

    This unique feature of each overhead openers accounts for their differences and pros and cons.

    Belt vs. Chain-Driven Garage Door Openers

    Here are the major differences you need to know about chain and belt automatic openers.


    A chain garage door opener uses a metal chain to move the trolley and operate the garage door.

    Because of its material, chain openers can operate loudly and noisily.

    The metal chain can grind with itself or rub against other parts of the opener, creating unpleasant noises.

    We do not recommend installing this type of opener if your garage is connected to your home.

    On the other hand, belt garage door openers are made of a rubber belt.

    This material allows for a quieter and more peaceful operation.


    Chain-driven openers are the cheapest among the different opener types.

    They are extremely affordable, so they are perfect for cutting costs.

    Chain drives are also fairly reliable and durable.

    Thus, you’ll be able to save up because your opener will not require frequent maintenance and repair.

    Belt garage door openers may be more expensive than a chain opener.

    However, the price is justified since it offers a smoother and quieter operation.


    Both garage door openers are durable, but chain garage door openers are stronger than belt openers.

    This means that chain drives can carry heavier garage doors.

    In fact, chain garage door openers are the opener of choice for heavy doors like steel or wood carriage doors.

    Chain operators are also ideal in double or triple-car garage doors.

    In case you don’t have a heavy garage door, the opener strength will not be a significant factor in your decision.


    Properly working belt and chain garage door openers offer convenience.

    However, belt openers operate faster than other types of operators.

    It’s not a pronounced difference, so it doesn’t significantly affect the garage door performance.

    Chain openers may require adjustment once in a while.

    Many garage owners would find maintaining a chain opener more demanding and inconvenient.

    However, this need only rarely comes up.


    Belt and chain openers are popular types of overhead operators.

    Each of these openers has its unique features and sets of pros and cons.

    Comparing belt vs. chain garage door openers can help you achieve the highest level of convenience in your garage.

    If you need professional garage door opener installation, only trust expert technicians.

    Cleveland Garage Door Pros offer a wide range of garage door openers.

    We are a trusted distributor and supplier of high-quality openers from well-known brands like Liftmaster and Wayne Dalton.

    You can trust us because we have an excellent track record, and our loyal clients can attest to the quality of our service.

    Book an appointment with our team for expert garage door solutions in Cleveland.

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