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    I had my garage door fixed up by these guys. I was impressed by their quick same-day repair service, as it really sucked not being able to get my garage door to open. Thanks Garage Door Repair Pros.
    Maxim Saunders


    I am so satisfied with their garage door repair services. When my overhead garage door was opening and closing by itself, they found out where the defect was coming from and easily fixed it. They also adjusted the alignment and tracks, and replaced spring. Never been this satisfied with an awesome service.
    Edgar Swisher


    I had hired them for fixing my garage door. I was highly satisfied with the service. I was happy about everything that they did. They came out to do the work. he did it quickly and it was everything I expected. It was very fast and efficient. The estimate was over the phone, they came out the same day to do the work, and everything went well. I would definitely recommend this repair service to my friends.
    Pat Kullik


    Why Hire The Cleveland Pros?

    We’re not limited to just maintenance,
    if you need any other advice related to a garage - just ask!

    Commercial Garage Door Repair & Installation

    If you find yourself getting out of the car to open your automated garage door manually, it’s time to get it repaired! Give us a call.

    Commercial Garage Door Repair & Installation

    The Garage Door Pros don’t just stop at residential properties, we also cover a huge range of commercial doors too!

    Warehouse Garage Door Repair & Installation

    A Warehouse that isn’t in full efficiency can result in a huge loss of productivity. Thankfully, we’ve done tons before and we know how to get it done – fast.

    Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

    Perhaps your garage door isn’t fully opening or closing. As a potential pathway to intruders, we highly recommend getting this fixed as quickly as possible. Give us a call!

    Upgrading Your Garage

    We offer reliable and efficient garage door repair services in both commercial and residential properties.

    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Damaged cables can present a hazard if not taken care of. We recommend calling a professional as soon as possible in order to come and inspect them.

    Garage Door Spring Replacement

    Spring replacements are necessary to maintain your garage door’s easy maneuverability.

    We use only the best for our customers

    We don’t use outdated equipment that doesn’t improve the way we do our work. That’s why we make sure all of our technicians are equipped and fully trained with the latest and greatest equipment that enables them to do what they do best.

    Did we mention that all of our parts come with a comprehensive warranty? We hold total confidence in the parts and services we provide – for your peace of mind.

    Cleveland Garage Door Pros repair installation

    What We Can Offer

    Sometimes, one size doesn’t fit all. We can offer a variety of services to suit you.

    Garage Door Cable Repair

    We’re flexible

    The expert team here at Cleveland Garage Door Pros are able to fix various effective repairs that can save you the expense of a brand new garage door. This includes:

    Dents and scratches, Opening and closing mechanisms, Automation and motor faults.

    garage door parts

    We only use the best suppliers

    We have access to excellent, long-lasting and high quality parts. The model or size of your door doesn’t matter to us, we can repair it.

    garage door repair and installation in Cleveland

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    Most people are unaware that a garage door requires servicing just like a car.

    We fully understand that new garage doors are a significant investment for your home so we always give our customers great prices.

    We’ve fitted an uncountable amount of garage doors, it doesn’t matter the model or size of your current one, we can do it.

    We don’t ever hardsell or pressure our customers, that’s not our way of doing things.

    If you require any other guidance or advice related to your garage door, our engineers are always glad to help.

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      Cleveland Garage Door Repair and Installation

      The garage door protects properties, shielding them from theft and other elements that may cause them damage.

      It gives you the convenience of entering your home with just a push of a button and gives your home’s appeal a boost.

      It provides safety for our properties, shielding them from theft and other elements that may cause them damage.

      However, after years of depreciation of door mechanisms, most garage doors are weakened, frequently resulting in severe damage to the door, spring, track, and other parts.

      If the damage to your garage door is still remediable, you may consider going to your local Cleveland garage door repair and installation.

      Cleveland Garage Door Pros are the pros to call for your garage door replacement and garage door installation needs.

      If you’re not sure, below are six signs your garage door needs replacement.

      Constant Garage Door Malfunction

      If your garage door keeps on malfunctioning every time you operate it, it may be time to replace it. 

      Difficulties in opening and closing, the garage door getting stuck halfway, and not closing properly are genuinely a headache.

      You can always choose to repair your garage door, but the amount of money, time, labor, and garage door parts spent may not be worth it in the long run. 

      It is often more practical and less stressful to have a garage door replacement. This way, you are able to save on a lot of things.

      Noisy Garage Door

      It is common to hear some noise when you open or close your garage door, especially when it’s already in use for quite some time.

      Minor tune-ups are usually enough to fix squeaks, but the excessive creaking and grinding noises when operating your garage door may be a sure sign that it’s time to replace your door.

      This is a sign of deterioration and can only lead to more repair costs when left untreated.

      Replacing your garage door can give you long term benefits and prevent injuries or any damages to your properties and vehicles.

      Outdated Garage Door

      Modern improvements in function, design, and security features on garage doors can offer you a wide array of styles to choose from.

      If you don’t really feel the need to be on top of the latest designs every year, you may want to have a new garage door installation to improve the security features of your garage door, especially if your door has been around for a couple of years already.

      Replacing your garage door can significantly add to the appeal of your home and can potentially boost your home’s value and security.

      Accumulated Dings and Dents

      Dents are one of the most common things you can see on your garage door.

      Vehicle bumps, harsh weather conditions, balls, and other elements can all make dents on your door.

      Most of these dents can be patched up to make them unnoticeable and smooth again. 

      However, the dents may accumulate over time due to regular use, and it can begin to look worn out.

      When the appearance of dents becomes too much, you may consider upgrading your garage’s appearance with a new garage door installation.

      A Cleveland garage door repair and installation can help you with this.

      Energy Inefficient Garage Door

      Older garage doors lack modern energy efficiency and safety updates. 

      These features include weather strips and sealing joints that keep out cold and hot air.

      Bottom seals and insulation also come with these additions.

      These inclusions reduce the overall energy consumption and improve the thermal insulation not only of the garage, as well as your home. 

      If your existing garage door does not have these components, you might want to consider an upgrade.

      Security Issues with Your Garage Door

      Newer models that are available in the market today offer improved security compared to old garage doors. 

      The features of modern garage doors have significantly evolved in terms of the materials used, the method of construction, and other additional features.

      They are made of sturdier materials and provide more durability with their designs.

      Modern garage doors also come with smart locking mechanisms that contribute to the overall security of your garage.

      The garage door’s sensors and smart garage door opening devices can be connected to your mobile applications so that you can remotely monitor and control it for added security.

      Who to Call for Quality Garage Door Replacement and Installation

      If you’re living in Cleveland and want a garage door replacement and installation, you don’t have to look far to find a trusted Cleveland garage door repair and installation.

      You call the pros when it comes to garage doors!

      Cleveland Garage Door Pros, with our vast service area, provides quality services at very affordable rates.

      We guarantee a premium garage door replacement and installation experience a pleasing and satisfying one.

      For garage door repair in Cleveland, call us now!