Garage Door Opens By Itself

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    Garage Door Opens By Itself

    The garage door is a fundamental but often undervalued area of your house.

    It contributes to the curb appeal of your property.

    It also offers added protection and comfort for you and your loved ones.

    We are using our garage doors several times a day.

    Because of this, It imposes more stress on the door more than we know.

    When they cease operating normally, we then realize how important these overhead doors are.

    Garage doors are complex structures.

    It can impact the entire system when any component breaks, no matter how small.

    One issue is the opening of the garage door by itself that may suggest a mechanical problem.

    Why is my Garage Door Opening By Itself?

    Below are the common factors why your garage door activates by itself and some easy solutions you can try:

    Clean for any Debris

    Our day to day living is made simpler by automatic garage doors.

    They do a great deal for us, from not getting wet in the rain to avoiding vehicles getting soaked in snow and ice during winter.

    Garage doors have many components, including safety characteristics, that all perform together.

    Doors have detectors near the ground to ensure that nothing gets trapped under the door when it closes.

    If the door rises suddenly, try checking for any debris the sensor is detecting after you shut it.

    If something is blocking the route, the door will not close.

    If there is anything under the door, make sure to examine if it proceeds to open after completing it.

    Interruptions from Wireless Device

    The garage door system uses radio recurrence signals or radio-frequency waves for it to function.

    For these doors to operate effectively, automatic door openers must be on the same wavelength.

    You can set a wireless system through password input, switches inside the garage, or using a remote control.

    The same frequencies are used by other devices as well.

    It is also possible that your neighbor’s overhead doors may be using an identical wireless passcode with you.

    With the modern technology that we have, it is feasible to configure two different garage systems with the same interface.

    Because of that, it may trigger your garage door to open by itself.

    If you are correct, you’re fortunate; that’s a simple fix.

    Just reformat the overhead door’s wireless system, and you’re back in the game.

    Examine the Remote Control Opener

    Examining the remote control opener is another simple way of fixing a garage door that opens by itself.

    It may prompt the door to open if the opener is unclean or if the batteries have a defect.

    The battery packs of the remote may break up or not just correctly positioned.

    Test if it restricts your garage door from launching on its own.

    Double-check the battery’s location or replace them entirely.

    Issues with Electronic Circuit Board

    It sounds pretty severe when you have issues with the sensor eyes or the binding rollers of your door’s tracks.

    One type of door malfunction of the overhead door is rising and then reverses on its own.

    If the garage door continues to launch or shut down by itself, there could be a problem with the system’s starter or the electrical circuit boards.

    At Garage Door Pros Cleveland, our technicians have encountered almost all of these cases.

    We are capable of providing you with a solution to avoid the hassle of managing it on your own.

    Resolving it alone can damage more the door parts and eventually to the overhead door’s entire mechanism.

    Superior Garage Door Services from The Pros!

    When your garage door starts behaving strangely, it can make things very difficult in our everyday life.

    If you live in Cleveland and your door suddenly opens or closes on its own, it’s time to give us a ring immediately!

    Our competent technicians are able and ready to support you if you are having difficulty recognizing the source.

    Our expert team will be happy to assist you with your garage door service or repair.

    To book a service call, notify one of our dealers or visit our website to make an online appointment.

    We work with all sorts of services – installation, replacement, and repair of the residential and commercial garage doors.

    Contact us right now, and we will make them operate efficiently again!

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