Garage Door Slams Shut

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    Garage Door Slams Shut

    The garage door is our property’s largest entrance to homes or businesses.

    So, it’s vital that it’s in a perfect state at all times.

    Many homeowners encounter issues with their garage doors.

    There is a range of issues that can occur to your overhead door.

    Anything, from replacing your remote’s battery to a more complicated problem like your door slamming shut unexpectedly.

    A slamming garage door is a warning that the door’s spring is damaged and needs repair or replacement.

    Another way of fixing a smashing door is to decrease the force settings of the opener when closing.

    This method is a temporary patch, however.

    In this article, we will be going through the process of fixing this common issue.

    We will be providing ways to remedy this problem and stop it from happening again.

    What to do when my Garage Door Slams Shut Suddenly?

    The garage door’s slamming condition while closing is one of the various common issues faced by homeowners.

    It is one of the most hazardous concerns to experience, particularly if you have young kids or pets.

    The manner a garage door works requires that all of the installed components must be in working order.

    When issues like this arise, materials start to break, and a slamming overhead door is an example.

    Let’s take a look at the two common reasons why your door slams shut suddenly:

    Faded or Defective Garage Door Springs

    It’s the primary function of the spring to bear the full weight of your garage door.

    The springs keep the door accessible when it is completely opened and holds it when closing.

    Without the springs, the opener cannot raise the density of the garage door alone.

    The opener merely offers a movement for it.

    Springs usually perform for around 5000 – 10,000 cycles at minimum.

    And up to a maximum rate of 20,000 cycles based on the tension spring’s quality mounted on the door.

    After years of usage, springs become weak and lose their durability.

    If this happens, problems start occurring, and your door will start to slam in this situation.

    Adjusting the Force Settings on Garage Door Opener

    One of the critical features of any garage door opener is the force settings.

    The force settings allow the user to significantly boost the strength needed to raise and lower a door opener.

    The force is generally changed depending on how powerful the garage door is.

    The climate changes can also impact the door tracks and begin to wear other areas of the overhead door.

    Adjusting the force settings will significantly affect the performance of your garage door opener.

    If the settings are too low, the opener will have difficulty opening and closing the overhead door.

    However, if the configurations are too high, it can create more issues.

    It’s because the opener is so strong that once it opens, it will slam down to the ground.

    How to Check for a Broken Garage Door Springs?

    These springs have a limited amount of cycles before they begin failing, as described before.

    In addition to the slamming, many other signs will warn you that the door’s spring is gradually weakening.

    Other signs can happen at an early stage.

    If you notice any of these signals, it means time to replace the spring of your garage door:

    • Garage door gets dense
    • Cracks begin to appear in the spring
    • Garage door won’t open completely

    How do I fix my Slamming Garage Door?

    A slamming door is just a warning that it has a poor garage door spring, and that’s a huge dilemma.

    For beginners, the garage door starts to wear down when it repeatedly slams.

    You can find its surfaces get destroyed over time when striking the ground consistently.

    That may escalate to a more costly repair than how much it requires you to fix the spring.

    If this continues, the chances of you buying a new garage door may arise.

    You sure don’t want that to happen.

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