Garage Motor Not Working

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    Garage Motor Not Working

    As a mechanical device, the garage door motor is subject to wear and tear.

    Yes, they are durable and long-lasting but they will never escape aging.

    Frequent use and lack of lubrication can make it lose its efficiency faster than usual.

    As a homeowner, it is your job to keep it at its best condition at all times.

    Consider a routine maintenance to these parts to reduce the possibility of breakdowns.

    In Cleveland, most people suffer from various motor issues.

    If the garage motor is not working how stressful can it be? Of course, the inconvenience it brings will be very upsetting.

    One small issue on the motor assembly will cause delay and even impose danger.

    Dealing with a faulty garage door is best left for the experts to decipher.

    Letting an expert from Garage Door Pros Cleveland is the right decision.

    It is essential to know what the reasons behind such problems are.

    Here are few of the common causes:

    Power Shortage

    Garage door motor functions well if connected to a power source.

    Power shortage can lead the motors to stop working amidst its good condition.

    You need to have a sufficient amount of power directed upon the motor to keep it working.

    Disconnected Openers from the Power Source

    Following the above-mentioned reason is the disconnection of openers from the power source.

    Ensure that your openers are directly connected to it.

    It can be very upsetting if the doors won/t open because your openers are not plugged-in.

    So, have your openers connected at all times.

    This is one of the common mistakes that is funny and upsetting at the same time.

    Similarly, a powerless opener motor indicates a problem on the fuse or the breaker itself.

    Yet, dealing with a motor problem is dangerous to those who don’t have prior knowledge.

    Let an expert form Garage Door Pro Cleveland deal with the opener problem.

    Another reason is that you have forgotten to switch the power back on.

    If the switches are on, then there are some issues on the outlet.

    Change your outlets immediately and test the power exchange right after.

    Battery Issues

    Garage door motors function in accordance to the commands from the controllers.

    Sudden function abnormality can be because of the batteries embedded on the remotes.

    Overused batteries need replacement immediately.

    Thus, batteries which exceed its shelf life can disrupt command exchange.

    It is essential to change it.

    If the batteries are in good condition, the remote might have some control problems.

    So, replace your controllers ahead of time before it causes more issues.

    Sensors need Adjustments

    If garage doors get jammed or stuck, it might be because of the misalignment of the sensors.

    This is a common problem with newly installed garage doors.

    Adjust the sensitivity as well as the frequency of your sensors.

    If the sensors are not sensitive enough, it might operate wrong and cause serious damages.

    Let an expert from Garage Door Pros Cleveland adjust the sensitivity of your sensors.

    Also, have your opener antennas hanging below the opener. In this way, it can receive signals properly.

    If you want to adjust the settings, you can follow the steps provided on the user’s manual.

    If you are not confident, let our expert do the adjustments for you.

    Deactivated Motors

    Sometimes, faulty garage doors are from the simple mistakes of the owners.

    Deactivated motors are simply motors that neither are nor connected to the power source.

    You can solve this issue by securing a connection with the motor and the power source.

    Have it activated at all times to avoid embarrassing situations.

    If you have chord problems, best leave the job for the experts to do.

    Dealing with power issues can be very dangerous.

    Have Garage Door Pros Cleveland deal with a garage motor that is not working.

    Need Professional Care during Motor Issues?

    Garage motor not working is upsetting and dangerous.

    Yet, dealing with it promptly can prevent issues and accidents.

    Garage Door Pros Cleveland remains the top leading company for many years now.

    We have a reliable repair team that can diagnose and fix any garage issue.

    We also have garage door repair and replacement services that are beneficial to you.

    We take pride in our working ethics and speed.

    Enjoy comfort and convenience at its finest.

    Let Garage Door Pros Cleveland offer you a quality service. Call us now.

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