How To Open Garage Door Manually

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    How To Open Garage Door Manually

    Whenever the clouds gather, the rain kicks up, suspect stormy weather is on its way.

    Either you’re driving home throughout the pouring rain or watching the rain from the safety of your living room, intense wind and weather can be more unsettling when the power goes out.

    In addition to the frustration of no light or wire, you face additional issues when the power goes out.

    When there is no power, a garage door without even a backup power won’t work after some blackout.

    A door with no control is a challenge because you’ve pulled into your driveway and realized the hassle of the inaccessible entrance to the house.

    Or maybe, you’re stuck inside with no way to get your car from the garage due to such events.

    You’ll be wondering ways to get through the situation of how to open the garage door manually.

    How to Open a Garage Door When You Don’t Have Any Electricity

    Keep it cool if the garage door doesn’t function after a power outage.

    Any modern garage should have an emergency release kit, a device mounted in your garage that allows you to open the door manually from the inside or outside.

    If you lose power and need to get out to drive to work or get in during a heavy rainstorm, you can take a few easy measures in opening your garage door.

    Manually Opening from the Inside

    1. Unlock your door. Check for any locks or hooks on the exterior of the garage door to ensure it’s open. In this way, it won’t mess with manually opening the door.
    2. Make sure there’s no power. Remove the power cord from the garage door opener.
    3. Locate the emergency release cable by these steps. Help to find the emergency release cable that has a red handle. It hangs from the garage door track’s middle rail. This red cord connects to the trolley, which links your garage door arm to this central track. If the garage door is locked, use the emergency release handle.
    4. Pull down the cord. Pull the emergency release handle down. This cord can detach the garage door from the trolley, allowing you to shift it manually.
    5. Lift the garage door. Pull straight from its bottom before the door stops sliding, ensuring it remains in place once letting go and driving the car out of the garage.
    6. Shut your door. Once you’ve gone outside, take the door down by hand to shut it. Once your door has a lock bar, slide it to the lock position.

    Manually Opening From the Outside

    1. Determine the location of the emergency release kit. A tiny lock should be located at the top of your garage door, an emergency escape cable is held in this door. You’ll just need the corresponding key.
    2. Untangle the emergency release chain. Turn the key to reveal a cable by pulling out the lock tumbler. This cord would trigger the suspension system, putting your door into manual mode.
    3. Unravel the garage door. Another lock next to a handle holds the door locked lower down from the emergency escape pack. Unlock the door with your key and spin the handle vertically.
    4. Open the door. Take the garage door straight up and ensure it remains open before moving the car into the garage.
    5. Shut the door. Pull the garage door down to fully lock it once you’re inside.

    How Should You Reset a Garage Door After a Power Outage?

    When your garage door opener stops operating after a power outage, hooking up your garage door to the opener might be all that is needed.

    If you’ve tried reconnecting and nothing works, it’s time to contact a garage door technician.

    Tips to Ponder

    Maintain the lubrication of your garage door’s rollers and cord.

    It makes the door quieter to work and extends the life of the chain and other moving parts by reducing friction.

    Maintain a copy of the owner’s manual on hand.

    Before tweaking with your door, study it first.


    If the door is locked in the open spot, never pull the bypass cable.

    The door can slam down with more than enough force to destroy everything in its path.

    Remember to seek professional help if you don’t know how to handle such things.

    Watch the video on how to open the garage door manually.

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