Locking Garage Door Handle – All You Need To Know

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    Garage door security is an essential player in your overall property security.

    You must pay attention to the security and reliability of your garage door if it is linked to your house.

    If not, it could compromise your security and safety.

    Intruders can use your garage door as their entry point towards your home.

    You can prevent these things from happening by learning about locking garage door handles.

    All you need to know about garage door security will be discussed in this article.

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    Garage Door Opener Security

    Garage door openers not only offer convenience in operating your garage door.

    They also double as a locking device to secure your garage door.

    Electric garage door openers have a rolling code which is its primary security system.

    You must know the passcode to automatically open and close your garage door.

    Thus, the garage door opener also serves as the lock.

    It prevents unauthorized access from uninvited guests and intruders.

    These criminals will try their luck to access your house through your garage door.

    Thus, you want to make this entry point as secure as all your other doors.

    Can I Install a Manual Garage Door Lock?

    Many homeowners are not content with merely having a garage door opener as their lock.

    Although openers are secure, no one’s stopping you from installing an additional locking device.

    Adding a manual locking garage door handle can provide you with peace of mind, especially if you’re going out of town.

    There are several ways you can go about manually locking your garage door.

    Some of them require zero effort and skills to set up.

    Using a Zip Tie

    One ingenious way burglars gain access to your garage door is by prying the top portion of the door.

    They will insert a coat hanger through this opening to reach and pull the emergency release handle.

    This will allow them to manually open your garage door.

    You can utilize a zip tie to secure the manual release lever to combat this.

    This will prevent intruders from pulling the cord from the outside.

    Locking the Garage Door Track

    Another basic hack to manually lock your garage door is securing the garage door tracks.

    You can install a clamping device or a padlock on the tracks so intruders won’t be able to raise open your door.

    If your tracks don’t have any holes yet, you can drill one above the bottom roller.

    You can then insert the locking device to secure your garage door.

    Installing a Deadbolt

    Deadbolts and sidelocks can also increase your garage door security.

    Compared to the other two methods, this approach will require basic skills using tools.

    You can consult with a technician to help you install a deadbolt on your garage door.

    High-Security Lock Installation

    Any lock that is improperly installed will not serve its purpose.

    High-quality locks must be coupled with proper installation to guarantee a burglar-proof garage door.

    Because of this, you must only trust garage door professionals to install your locking garage door handle.

    Garage door specialists can recommend and suggest security measures for your property.

    They can also properly and efficiently handle the installation process.

    When it comes to your family’s security and safety, you should go to the more secure option.

    Contact your trusted technicians to help you achieve optimal garage door security.


    Aesthetics, reliability, and durability are important considerations in a garage door.

    However, you shouldn’t forget about security,

    Cleveland Garage Door Pros can provide you with high-quality garage doors for maximum home security.

    We are a trusted distributor of well-known garage door brands in Cleveland.

    Our company offers Clopay, Wayne Dalton, and Amarr garage doors, known for their durability and quality.

    These doors can withstand strong impacts, harsh weather elements, and other damaging factors.

    Contact us today for a professional garage door replacement service.

    Our technicians are looking forward to hearing a call from you.

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