Used Garage Doors Pros And Cons

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    Garage Door Making Loud Noises

    Replacing a garage door is an exciting opportunity for homeowners.

    Finally, the time has come to renovate and renew their old and worn garage door.

    While garage door replacement sounds great, you must know that it can become pricey.

    Garage doors can cost up to $500-$2500 for a single garage door.

    Because of this, many garage owners consider buying used garage doors.

    Used garage doors are less expensive than brand new ones.

    But is it worth it?

    Will it offer the same durability, safety, and security that new garage doors do?

    Our professional technicians will attempt to answer these questions in this article.

    If you’re worried about garage door replacement going over your budget, contact Cleveland Garage Door Pros.

    We offer affordable garage door replacement services tailored to your needs and budgets.

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    Benefits of Buying a Used Garage Door

    Buying a used garage door offers one key advantage: it is budget-friendly.

    Used garage doors are perfect for garage owners on a tight budget and looking to cut costs.

    These doors are often sold by their previous owners at a reduced cost.

    Besides this, installing a used garage door is more affordable because it’s also been assembled.

    While old garage doors may be cheap, you can still obtain a door in excellent condition.

    You just have to choose the right place and provider to get your garage door from.

    Drawbacks of Buying a Pre-owned Garage Door

    Professional garage door technicians oppose the idea of buying second-hand garage doors.

    Underlying Issues

    Pre-owned garage doors do not have the assurance that new doors have.

    The previous owner might tell you that the garage door doesn’t have any flaw when in reality, he merely wants to make a sale.

    Even if a garage door looks in excellent condition, it may have underlying problems.

    Some garage door issues may not be observable to an average person’s eyes.

    If you buy a used garage door without comprehensively assessing it, you might encounter a problem in the future.

    Thus, it’s best if you at least consult with a technician to help you examine a second-hand garage door you’re eyeing for.

    Limited Options

    Another disadvantage of shopping for second-hand garage doors is it’s not customizable.

    Therefore, you must look hard enough to find the perfect garage door that matches your needs and preferences.

    Keep in mind that besides the physical condition, you’re also considering the garage door’s size, color, finish, type, and style.

    Because of this, finding a used garage door that has everything you want and need might be a problem.

    Unless you’re willing to compromise, you should buy a customized garage door.

    Unreliable Security

    Previous garage owners often do not disclose any bad aspects of the garage door they’re trying to sell.

    Because of this, there’s no assurance that the second-hand door is reliable and secure.

    You cannot also be sure of the age of the garage door.

    Knowing the garage door’s age is consequential to its durability.

    If the garage door is already old, it may have compromised structures which undermine your garage door security.

    After a few years, you can expect the door to fail, and you’ll be in for another costly replacement.

    Wood Garage Doors

    If you’re going to buy a used garage door, do not opt for wooden doors.

    Wood garage doors require a lot of maintenance to ensure that they remain in good condition.

    If the previous owner is not diligent in maintaining the wood, you can expect the door to be in bad shape.

    Wood is also susceptible to mold growth which weakens its structural integrity.

    Thus, you should steer clear of buying used wood garage doors.

    Opt for steel or aluminum garage doors instead.

    Affordable and Quality Garage Door Replacement

    Cleveland Garage Door Pros offer high-quality and budget-friendly garage door replacement.

    Our team understands that garage door replacement can cost you an arm and a leg.

    However, our company can provide you with a new garage door installation within your budget.

    We can give you a free price estimate after inspecting your garage door.

    Rest assured that we will ensure the quality, reliability, and appearance of your garage door.

    Call us in Cleveland today so we can begin the planning and preparations for your new garage.


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