What to Do When Garage Door Is Jammed

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    What to Do When Garage Door Is Jammed

    Most of the garage doors whether it is industrial, commercial, or residential designed may subject through deterioration due to excessive use over time, not unless you take good care or conduct daily maintenance to prolong its lifespan.

    Encountering a jammed garage door makes you inconvenience from accessing your valuable things inside or being stuck outside and also apprehends your entire security.

    If your garage door is not operating properly or does not function correctly, you might think that some piece of hardware is broken and not functioning accurately.

    In some way, it is important to identify the problem so direct action may apply to prevent the issue before damaging the entire garage door.

    That is why it is important to make sure that you know the basic tips and common issues on how to troubleshoot if ever you experience garage door jammed.

    In any case, if you are not capable to do-it- yourself, the experts from Garage Door Pros in Cleveland are here to help you and provide repair and installation services to prevent more damages.

    If your garage door is stuck or jammed don’t hesitate to ask for our company’s assistance and discuss your garage door needs.

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    The Common Causes of a Jammed Garage Door

    Even if you may be able to repair the problem yourself, that doesn’t mean there is no risk when executing the task especially if you don’t have any experience on DIY.

    We recommend hiring a professional garage door repair company to assist your garage door problems.

    The list below might help you troubleshoot your jammed garage door issue.

    Door Rollers are Jammed

    Don’t try to force the door to open manually if the door is stuck, it may cause misalignment and change the movement direction of your roller to the tracks.

    The first thing to do is to apply grease or spray a lubricant to the stuck part of the rollers into its tracks and try to operate again.

    If the result is still the same you’ll need to call a professional technician to make sure your door will be repaired immediately with no further damage.

    Door Springs are Broken

    The springs are located at the top of the inner part of the garage door.

    If the spring indicates a gap or hanging loose, this could be one of the sources of your problem.

    For this instance, performing replacement on your own is a dangerous task; we will recommend you to call in an expert to fix the job with proper cautions.

    Door Cables is Broken

    These cables are aligned to each and every tension spring that helps assisting the door to open and close smoothly.

    The result of having a broken cable may lead to the door to fall and drop its weight.

    For the better solution, like a broken spring you’ll need to replace new cables to avoid serious damage to your garage door.

    Our responsive technicians at Garage Door Pros are ready to help and solve your problems at a reasonable cost of the replacement door.

    Misaligned rollers and off the Tracks

    If your tracks are damaged, the rollers are out of the tracks or uneven, it will lead to your door to jam.

    You can do it yourself if you are capable of handling the situation and try to fix to straighten up the rollers on tracks if not better yet hire an expert to solve the problem.

    Object Jammed in Track

    Check your track for an obstruction that is blocking the mechanism to function properly to prevent your garage door from jamming.

    Inspect every piece of component that leads to your door to malfunction and don’t forget to maintain the rollers, hinges, tracks and other parts by lubricating with oil for smooth operations.

    The Most Reliable Garage Door Company Service in Cleveland

    Need a trustworthy garage door repair service?

    Hiring Garage Door Pros in Cleveland will ensure its best to give you quality service.

    Our professional technicians are always ready for you to fix existing doors and broken parts or replace a brand new one.

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