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    Most garage owners use an aluminum or steel garage door as their protective measure for their spaces.

    Both aluminum and steel garage doors are readily available in the market with a wide variety of choices.

    They can easily complement your home style and only require little to no maintenance.

    However, one negative trait of steel or aluminum garage doors is they dent easily, especially with thinner panels.

    Garage doors are no longer just for protection but for aesthetic appeal as well.

    These dents can decrease your curb appeal and may cause mechanical issues with the garage door system.

    So, you need to know some DIY garage door dent repair to fix minor dents.

    To guide you, here are some methods for a DIY garage door dent repair:

    Wooden Block Method

    What you need: 

    • Warm water
    • Detergent
    • Wooden block
    • Rubber mallet
    • Sandpaper
    • Patching material
    • Primer and paint
    1. Using warm water and detergent, thoroughly clean the dented area. Then, let it completely dry.
    2. To even the dent, use a rubber mallet and hammer the wooden block placed directly on the dented part.
    3. Smoothen the surface with sandpaper.
    4. Completely cover the area with a patching material.
    5. Once the surface is dry, apply primer and paint the garage door.

    Note that this DIY garage door dent repair is only enough for small dents.

    Big dents can cause garage door parts to fail unexpectedly.

    Thus, they require immediate inspection and repair from professionals.

    So, don’t hesitate to call Cleveland Garage Door Pros. 

    Our expert garage door technicians can conduct a detailed and flawless garage door repair in Cleveland.

    Aluminum Foil Method

    What you need:

    • Warm water
    • Detergent
    • Aluminum foil
    • Heat source
    • Compressed air
    1. Using warm water and detergent, thoroughly clean the dented area. Then, let it completely dry.
    2. Put the aluminum foil to cover the dented area completely.
    3. Using a lighter or any heat source, heat the aluminum foil uniformly for about a minute.
    4. Remove the aluminum foil and spray the compressed air on the dented area while the can is upside-down for about 30 seconds.

    Like the first method, this DIY garage door dent repair is only applicable for small dents.

    Whenever you face dents you can’t handle, put your trust in Cleveland Garage Door Pros.

    We offer the most advanced method for garage door repair in Cleveland.

    Also, our garage door installation in Cleveland provides panel replacement when the dents are already beyond repair.

    When to Call a Garage Door Expert?

    If you tried the two methods above and failed, it is best to call a reliable garage door technician.

    Sometimes, calling a professional to do the job can save you from costly repairs in the future.

    A certified technician can conduct a garage door dent repair without faults.

    With Cleveland Garage Door Pros, you can get an in-depth inspection of the dents and how they affect the garage door’s mechanism.

    Our team can give honest advice whether you need a garage door dent repair, a panel replacement, or a new garage door installation.

    Dedicated Team of Certified Garage Door Technicians in Cleveland

    Cleveland Garage Door Pros is a team of professional and certified garage door technicians.

    We have studied and trained up-to-date services methods to cater to all of our clients’ needs.

    Moreover, we equip ourselves with the advanced tools and devices to finish our garage door repair in Cleveland flawlessly and efficiently.

    Expect us to arrive with the complete set of equipment and protective gear.

    Aside from our garage door repair, we are also experts in garage door installation in Cleveland.

    After your call, we guarantee to take accurate measurements and provide you with plans and a quote without hidden charges.

    Call our service-oriented team now, and we promise to bring our A-game no matter how small or big the task is.

    Book the Best Garage Door Services in Cleveland

    Cleveland Garage Door Pros is a well-established garage door service company.

    We always prioritize our customers and aim for their 100% satisfaction.

    Also, we understand how a broken garage door can be a security threat or how an unresponsive garage door opener can be inconvenient.

    So, our garage door technicians are available 24/7 for garage door repair in Cleveland.

    Also, team up with us to plan your new garage door system.

    Our garage door installation in Cleveland uses high-quality, durable, and stylish garage door materials.

    Contact our friendly staff to book an appointment.

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